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(u) Unstrung    
-ar all random mode    
.!. fuck    
0 Zero    
0 Years Old    
0 Shocked    
1 United States    
1 Pitcher    
1 term IF = Ironforge    
10X Thanks    
1vs1 1 versus 1    
2 Too Add    
2 To    
2H Two-handed sword    
3 Three    
3 Cubed    
3 Cute face    
3 The letter E    
4 For    
4GET Forget    
4U For You    
7 Lotus7    
7 Left Field    
7 Group of 7 Nations    
8 Ate    
1337 Elite    
< 3 Much Love    
AA Alternate Abilities    
Ab Armadyl boot    
AB Anti-ban    
AB-er Anti-botter    
Ab2 Abandoned floors set 2    
Abby Abyssal    
Abn Arcane blast necklace    
Abs Armadyl battlestaff    
AC Asheron's Call (game)    
ac Anti-Crash    
AC Arctic Chimeran Wolf    
ac Armour Class    
AC Acrylia Caverns    
Acb Armadyl Crossbow    
Acc Account    
aco acolyte    
ACP Action Points    
Acp Armadyl chestplate    
Acs Armadyl chainskirt    
Acw Arctic Chimeran Wolf    
Adam Adamant    
ADD Addition    
Addy Adamant