What does DN mean?

DN means Darnassus

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Darnassus?

Darnassus can be abbreviated as DN
What does DN mean? It stands for Darnassus
DN - Darnassus in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DN

@pdro_dn q passeio?

DOWN SYNDROME: Started wth FaceDown(Dn), wnt on2 BreakDn, ClampDn ShowDn,ShutDn, LockDn,KnockDn, CrackDn,RunDn, then MeltDn and Down n Out.

Ayo pemuda INDONESIA jgn trlena dgn keadaan yg ada(negatif),Ayo brfikir utk maju dn terus tunjukn kreatifitasmu,! Selamat Hari Sumpah Pemuda

Winning the @NBA Championship this way fr 3-1 dn!no other way would b right for loyal, loving and #Longsuffering @cavs @Browns @Cavs #fans

.@wikileaks Assange Implies This Man Was Murdered Fr Leaking DNC Emails [WATCH via Redacted Tonight] #DNCLeak

Tontowi: Saya nggak mau mikir tentang kekalahan dan kemenangan kami.Sekarang kami ingin mempelajari pertandingan mereka dn besok harus fight

Obama: "Don't boo, vote!" #DN

CCA is the private prison biz investigated by @shane_bauer Listen to him today on DN

#Malema: let there be a peaceful transfer because I dn't want to see a drop of blood. I'm not answering to any white #QuestionTimeInterview

#Ndlozi: I dn't trust ANC. I dn't trust Jackson. They're only speaking because the curtain is rising. Their hearts r made of stone. #PowerFM

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Yes, #ISIS are dangerous zealots. But terrorism complex. And dumbing it dn will only get ppl thrown off flights in US for speaking Arabic /6

They say women dn't empower women! That's me in the picture above performin wit @sashapofficial more than 3 yrs ago

Pick up the Inquirer/DN 24-page #Eagles preview section at your local newsstand or Wawa:

-> @nealrubin_dn: My white sons, @HuelFox2's black sons, have different fears & interaction with police @detroitnews

It's only social media most pple dn't min wat dey say on here & like dey say succes is d best revenge #KimaniOffAir

Siempre es un honor y un placer compartir entrenamiento con un gran amigo,jugador y persona @PabloCuevas22 DN&MG

Ahora: Momento de la entrega en @Fiscalia_DN del sindicalista Blas Peralta.

La PN apresa a cinco personas para investigarlas sobre la muerte de dos prestamistas en el sector de Gazcue, DN.

Bhagat+Singh+row:+BJP+rejects+Congress+disapproval+of+Shashi+Tharoor's+remark,+says+party+playing+double+game via dn


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What does DN stand for?
DN stands for "Darnassus".
How to abbreviate "Darnassus"?
"Darnassus" can be abbreviated as DN.
What is the meaning of DN abbreviation?
The meaning of DN abbreviation is "Darnassus".
What is DN abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DN is "Darnassus".
What does DN mean?
DN as abbreviation means "Darnassus".
What is shorthand of Darnassus?
The most common shorthand of "Darnassus" is DN.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DN in term.

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