What does HF mean?

HF means Hammerfall

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What is the abbreviation for Hammerfall?

Hammerfall can be abbreviated as HF
What does HF mean? It stands for Hammerfall
HF - Hammerfall in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having HF

#EdF[M]-Jeux Olympiques JOUR DE MATCH 1/2 FINALE FRANCE-ALLEMAGNE 20H30 (HF) Direct France TV & Canal+ #BleuetFier

.@sonic_hedgehog A challenge has been issued by @RogerCraigSmith @RubyEclipse @gene_hf. The only possible response:

I'm scared to play Nuketown paintball at CoD XP. I'm an indoor kid with a low pain tolerance... I'm just going to hide in a corner. GL HF

GL HF tonight boys! @GODSENTgg @jwCSGO @fnaticFlusha @krimzCSGO @GODpronax @GODznajder

#EdF[F]-Jeux olympiques DEMI-FINALE des BLEUES RDV demain 20h30 HF pour la 1/2 contre les Pays-Bas! #BleuetFier

The rematch is here! In just under 15 minutes the #EULCS Quarter Finals get underway. GL HF @H2KGG

STYX singing natl anthem at Heinz Field Sunday. STYX also responsible for Renegade. Renegade, if you've been to HF, needs no explanation.

Chanos telling us he believes Valeant cost the $1 trillion long-short HF industry $40 billion - largest single-stock loss in history

.@ReneeEykens tekent voor topprestatie op 800 m: als jongste Belgische atlete (20) met op 1 na beste Belgische tijd ooit naar HF. #Rio2016

Big test in Lockport on Friday. @LTHSfootball, off to their best start (3-0) since 2009, welcomes @HF_Football to town. Statement game?

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.@jrf_uk plan to #solveukpoverty showcases the work of @HF_England and highlights #HousingFirst as a key approach.

All or nothing here in game 3. GL HF @H2KGG

#vp_csgo #virtuspro EPICENTER: Moscow | Final @TeamVirtuspro vs @TeamDignitas @ bo3 gl hf!

Remember that one time when Stephano typed 'gl hf' in Proleague?

Series: HF leads 13-5 Last Meeting: Lumberton 28-27, 2015 Last HF win: 2014, 44-41 Trend: Lumberton won 3 of last 4

Mary Erdoes on lack of HF creativity: "They're called 'crowded trades' only when they don't work, when they do they're called 'momentum'."

Call 1 866-HF-AYUDA (432-9832) to sign up for your FREE IDNYC card & learn about benefits for you & your family!

Series: Bridge City leads 15-3 Last Meeting: BC 20-17, 2013 Last HF win: 2007, 63-21 Trend: BC has won 6 straight

The 1970 #Lancia Stratos HF Zero was designed way ahead of its time!


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What does HF stand for?
HF stands for "Hammerfall".
How to abbreviate "Hammerfall"?
"Hammerfall" can be abbreviated as HF.
What is the meaning of HF abbreviation?
The meaning of HF abbreviation is "Hammerfall".
What is HF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of HF is "Hammerfall".
What does HF mean?
HF as abbreviation means "Hammerfall".
What is shorthand of Hammerfall?
The most common shorthand of "Hammerfall" is HF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word HF in term.

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