What does HF mean?

HF means Have Fun

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What is the abbreviation for Have Fun?

Have Fun can be abbreviated as HF
Other shorthands for Have Fun are: HSF, THF, HF, HFWT, HF?, HF
What does HF mean? It stands for Have Fun
HF - Have Fun in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having HF

STYX singing natl anthem at Heinz Field Sunday. STYX also responsible for Renegade. Renegade, if you've been to HF, needs no explanation.

Lots of HF mgrs become venture capitalists, but @chamath is going the other way. So far it's working. My piece

The rematch is on! GL HF @TeamLiquidCSGO #ESLOne

gl hf @H2KGG #ITZWIN

#Ethereum HF postponed 6000 blocks, new target is block 2463000.

@nationalistview : LIC HF is also mostly Pvt owned

Ok peeps, Matthew has moved to the big leagues, Cat 4 storm, sustained winds of 140 mph & HF winds extend out 60 miles. Gonna be a good one.

@KobbeLoL XD hf

history of Ethereum maximalism Q1'14: Code is law! Banks don't get it! ... Q3'16: HF/code isn't law. Quorum released

Here we go! GL HF @natusvincere #ESLProLeague

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We won first map (de_train) [16:9] vs @G2esports. Next one is @de_cbble, GL HF! #csgo #navifighting

Next HF #telethon is being run by @HFUSA in just over a weeks time

Singer: My day job is running a HF that will celebrate its 40th anniv next Feb. Our mandate is to make money all the time #DeliveringAlpha

Rate of HF hospitalizations from #NSAIDS varies by type of pill.

The 1970 #Lancia Stratos HF Zero was designed way ahead of its time!

Several members of the HF #DisasterResponse team will be at @AidEx2016 this week in #Brussels.

@Clayster Just finished the 40 hour drive today with my dad. GL HF

@petertoddbtc @el33th4xor @ethereumproject DAO HF is at this point a historical event, and is very well specified elsewhere

@RalDaddy Getting an admin in 7 seconds. GL HF


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What does HF stand for?
HF stands for "Have Fun".
How to abbreviate "Have Fun"?
"Have Fun" can be abbreviated as HF.
What is the meaning of HF abbreviation?
The meaning of HF abbreviation is "Have Fun".
What is HF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of HF is "Have Fun".
What does HF mean?
HF as abbreviation means "Have Fun".
What is shorthand of Have Fun?
The most common shorthand of "Have Fun" is HF.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word HF in term.