What does MEM mean?

MEM means Member of the Board

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
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What is the abbreviation for Member of the Board?

2 ways to abbreviate Member of the Board
Member of the Board can be abbreviated as MEM
Other shorthands for Member of the Board are: MOB
What does MEM mean? It stands for Member of the Board
MEM - Member of the Board in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MEM

TodosConQuino Me uno al homenaje a #QuinoSalvo, una persona que tanto dio al baloncesto y al deporte. @mem_quinosalvo

2/@realdonaldtrump made 2 big gifts to vets 20+ years ago: $1M for a Viet. Vets Mem'l in NYC in early 80s, $200+ for a Vets Day parade in 95

Current Situation: 4Q - 26 seconds left LAC 107 | MEM 106 #ItTakesEverything

Top 10 Team Salaries as of September 1st: 1. CLE 2. LAC 3. POR 4. MEM 5. DAL 6. DET 7. SAS 8. TOR 9. ORL 10. WAS

Independent MP @AhmedMahloof & MDP Council Mem @MPahmedeasa arrested while announcing Opposition-coalition's rally.

BINGO! 3-ball from JJ & the Clippers get it back to single digits. LAC 57 | MEM 66 #ItTakesEverything

Wow! I'd never seen this. The WaPo's @loisromano, in '84, writing about @realdonaldtrump & NY Vietnam Vets Mem'l.

Average payroll of all 30 teams is $96.8m with CLE, POR, LAC, DAL, MEM, SAS, TOR, DET, WAS and ORL rounding out the top 10 in salary.

Hey AA, how do you feel about the Clippers cutting the lead to 7? End of 3: LAC 76 | MEM 83 #ItTakesEverything

We got a close one. End of 1Q: LAC 28 | MEM 26 CP3: 4p/1a BG: 15p/4r/1a DJ: 2p/8r/1b JJ: 5p/1b #ItTakesEverything

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#Clippers won't be happy with L2M report. Shows three missed calls, all benefiting Memphis, in final 2 minutes

I should say: the folks at CPD Mem'l never got the *first* check. Had no idea Trump claimed he'd given to them.

Remarkable that "small markets" such as MEM, SAS & POR are top-10 in salary; yet Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Lakers are not

Taylor Hayden, daughter/Sister of friends, Peter & Joyce, Jeff killed by gunman in ATL. Taylor Hayden Mem. Foundation to End Gun Violence

Thon Maker gets 10 fouls in 31 minutes vs MEM

Rained out: Work on the NB I-235 Ramp to WB K-96 will NOT take place this week. Ramps stays open until Tues after Mem. Day.

MT @fairfaxparks: Free admission to RECenters Mem Day (5/30) for veterans & current military

Sekolah maafkan siswinya yang membakar ruang kelas: teman2nya nggak mem-bully lagi.

Key Iowa hoops non-conf games (unofficial): 11/11: Opener 11/17: S Hall 11/25: Virginia 11/26: Mem/Prov 11/29: at N.D. 12/8: ISU 12/17: UNI


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What does MEM stand for?
MEM stands for "Member of the Board".
How to abbreviate "Member of the Board"?
"Member of the Board" can be abbreviated as MEM.
What is the meaning of MEM abbreviation?
The meaning of MEM abbreviation is "Member of the Board".
What is MEM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MEM is "Member of the Board".
What does MEM mean?
MEM as abbreviation means "Member of the Board".
What is shorthand of Member of the Board?
The most common shorthand of "Member of the Board" is MEM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word MEM in term.