What does Gore mean?

Gore means Gorenaire

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What is the abbreviation for Gorenaire?

Gorenaire can be abbreviated as Gore
What does Gore mean? It stands for Gorenaire
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Comments having Gore

Clinton is on pace to win the popular vote by a larger % than Gore in 2000. And Nixon in 1968. And Kennedy in 1960.

Hillary Clinton will end up winning the popular vote by OVER 2 MILLION people - more than Gore, JFK, Nixon etc. Over 2. MILLION. PEOPLE.

Popular-vote margin: Clinton 2016: ~+1.5% pts Nixon 1968: +0.7% Gore 2000: +0.5% JFK 1960: +0.2%

They brought out best lawyers in the world for "Bush v. Gore." In "Trump v. Hispanics Who Voted," they...ummm...went a different direction.

When Gore lost to Bush just 3 "faithless electors" could have flipped the race and they didn't. Hillary needs 38. Won't happen.

In this morning's 1st half, Frank Gore rushed for 56 yards to pass Marcus Allen, Edgerrin James and Marshall Faulk on all-time rushing list.

O olho ficou lindo. Adoro um gore. #TheWalkingDead

#Trump is just pasting his name on a lot of old GOP talking points on the media, vote rigging--and Al Gore My column

Was @HeathSlaterOMRB able to overcome @Rhyno313 and the GORE in order to score a #SDLive contract?

It looks like they switched from the #OpeningCeremony to a power point presentation by Al Gore - This is an awful, low-budget production

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I think Al Gore was the executive producer of the Opening Ceremony. #Olympics2016 #GlobalWarming #Morons

2. For context, Gore received only about 500,000 more votes than Bush

Comparing Gore 2000 to #Trump 2016: analogizing a fire marshal investigating the cause of a blaze to an arsonist.

We must protect our water, our planet, and our rights. @AlGore on Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline:

Adrian Gore opens #DLS2016 by inspiring optimism

Tonight's Tipping Points: Clinton Pay-to-Play, Al Gore, & Jobs! WATCH:

Rules: Luck TY Hilton Pat McAfee Adam Vinatieri Erik Walden Vontae Davis Jack Doyle Frank Gore

Carter. Mondale. Dukakis. Dole. Gore. Kerry. McCain. Romney. Hillary. None played golf. They all lost to golfers.

Discovery CEO Adrian Gore says: South Africans are too negative about SA


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What does Gore stand for?
Gore stands for "Gorenaire".
How to abbreviate "Gorenaire"?
"Gorenaire" can be abbreviated as Gore.
What is the meaning of Gore abbreviation?
The meaning of Gore abbreviation is "Gorenaire".
What is Gore abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Gore is "Gorenaire".
What does Gore mean?
Gore as abbreviation means "Gorenaire".
What is shorthand of Gorenaire?
The most common shorthand of "Gorenaire" is Gore.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Gore in term.