What does SC mean?

SC means Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons

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What is the abbreviation for Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons?

Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons can be abbreviated as SC
What does SC mean? It stands for Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons
SC - Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SC

At least 2 children shot at elementary school in Townville, SC, county official says.

I was in SC today. Marans challenged my 2G IA making CBI and ED file cases in Airtel Maxis. Their 7 Lawyers against one CBI Lawyer. CBI won

Would urge @ndtv to challenge 1-day blackout in SC. Will judicially establish protocol of terror coverage. SC robust, unlike in Emergency

Gunman in custody after shooting at SC elementary school; 1 child life-flighted to hospital

Oye NAB,Oye FBR and nearly Oye SC(for word frivolous) is in now.So Oye iftkhar chodry,Oye najam sethi n Oye election comission can relax now

On my snapchat for a bit! Come thru and say hey! Sc - joshdevinedrums

A relative of the suspected SC elementary school shooter has been found dead, official says

Hahahah dani in the back what do you think she's saying ? @dani_thorne #asssophat SC (bellathornedab)

Trump's considering SC Gov. Nikki Haley for secretary of state despite their rocky history, a source says.

Gunman in SC never entered school. Shooting happened on playground. Firefighter took him down & held him till deputies got there. #Townville

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GOP Governors in FL, GA, ME, MI, NM, NV, OH, SC (& other states) are term-limited. 2018 will be so fluid & important for state governments.

I dare you to read this & then tell me this LG has not totally lost it..."Jung stalling appeals in SC: Delhi govt.":

HO' MY GAWUD SC: ookayx

Sheriff's office: Shooting reported at South Carolina elementary school.

Sheriff's office: 2 children, 1 teacher injured, shooter in custody after incident at Townville, SC, school

In 2004,Captain did nothing when the President referred the law on abrogation of river water treaties to the SC.He should have resigned then

Justifying killing of unarmed SIMI men is same as Indira govt telling SC it could shoot anybody, there is no right to life #IndiaIdeas2016

What a shame. Subedar Grewal is cremated at a ground for "Dalits only" since he "belonged to SC". 'Nationalists'?

"Hindi pa final and executory ang SC decision. So this was done in defiance of the law." #MarcosBurial


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What does SC stand for?
SC stands for "Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons".
How to abbreviate "Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons"?
"Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons" can be abbreviated as SC.
What is the meaning of SC abbreviation?
The meaning of SC abbreviation is "Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons".
What is SC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SC is "Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons".
What does SC mean?
SC as abbreviation means "Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons".
What is shorthand of Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons?
The most common shorthand of "Sacred Clay Armour and Weapons" is SC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SC in term.