What does Drag mean?

Drag means Dragon

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What is the abbreviation for Dragon?

Dragon can be abbreviated as Drag
Other shorthands for Dragon are: D, DRGN, Drag.
What does Drag mean? It stands for Dragon
Drag - Dragon in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having Drag

Don't just go vote. Drag your friends out to vote. The future of the planet is at stake.

My 8 yo was sitting alone in the kitchen at 3 am. I asked her what was wrong. She took a drag on her cigarette and said, "taxation is theft"

.@ericbolling: "March. Don't riot. Don't break windows. Don't drag people out of cars and beat them." #TheFive

Me: I'm on the fourth line I should dump and change Inner me: you're an all star, backhand toe drag

I'm crying at rupauls drag race with ice cream sandwich crumbs on my face

Throw the records out. Michigan St. vs. Ohio St. is always a classic knock-down, drag-out B1G fight.

Video: watch this Nissan GT-R bend time in a blistering 1/4 mile drag

Gay seria o mesmo, mas de drag seria Felipeta Bubaloo

Donald Trump looks like a blobfish's first time in drag.

The Army is an apolitical institution, do not drag it into politics at the drop of a hat: Maj. Gen. G D Bakshi (Retd.) #BlackmoneyDebate

More Comments with Drag...

Clinton e-mail releases could drag on past the 2020 election

Iraq: Forces Drag, Mutilate Dead ISIS Fighters

Too many yes men will drag you down..

#DeMonetisation to drag down #GDP growth to 5.8%: Ambit Capital

Shoutout for South Korean mobile comms infrastructure btw. 500k to 1mil people crowded on main drag & everyone's phone data's working? Damn

I'm not interested in trying to drag a visible young black teen today. Is it a teachable moment? Yes. Should he be "dragged"? No.

Bob the Drag Queen tells us how to fight Trump:

I think Carlsen's sponsors are paying him by the hour. So that's why he wants to drag every game to 6-7 hours :) #CarlsenKarjakin

@OfficialCSA Top day for our boys in Hobart. Well bowled @VDP_24 Five for and backed up by @Kyle_Abbott87. Can Aus drag this back??


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does Drag stand for?
Drag stands for "Dragon".
How to abbreviate "Dragon"?
"Dragon" can be abbreviated as Drag.
What is the meaning of Drag abbreviation?
The meaning of Drag abbreviation is "Dragon".
What is Drag abbreviation?
One of the definitions of Drag is "Dragon".
What does Drag mean?
Drag as abbreviation means "Dragon".
What is shorthand of Dragon?
The most common shorthand of "Dragon" is Drag.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word Drag in term.