What does BoT9 mean?

BoT9 means Blessing of the Nine

This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat category.
Particularly in game Abbreviations
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What is the abbreviation for Blessing of the Nine?

Blessing of the Nine can be abbreviated as BoT9
What does BoT9 mean? It stands for Blessing of the Nine
What does BoT9 mean? - Definition of BoT9 - BoT9 stands for Blessing of the Nine. By AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BoT9

SQUEEEEEEZE!!!!! Zeke drops the suicide squeeze, Clippard throws it away! Tie game, #Bluejays on 2b/3b for Travis. None out, bot9. #Jays

Here's how I see bot9: Pillar bunt single, steal second. Barney bunt him to third, Zeke squeeze him home. #Bluejays #Jays

Hyun-Soo Kim takes Osuna deep on a 3-2 pitch to give #Orioles a 3-2 lead to bot9. 3rd #Bluejays 9th inning blown save in 4 days. #Jays

Osuna Matata. #Bluejays beat #Indians 6-5 - Osuna wit ha perfect bot9. #Jays

Grilli Matata! A perfect bot9 secures #Bluejays 2-1 win over #Astros. Exceptional work by Dickey and Barnes. #Jays still a game out in ALE.

Joaquin Benoi-tata! Perfect bot9 against meat of #Orioles order finishes off a 5-1 win for #Bluejays. #Jays now 4 up on 3rd-place BAL.

Roberto Osuna, who hasn't pitched since last Friday night, works bot9. Perfect opportunity to get some work in. #Bluejays up 13-2. #Jays

Benoit blows a 94mph heater past Kemp to strand the two walks. To bot9, #Bluejays trail #Padres 8-4. #Jays facing SD closer Brandon Maurer.

Tepera works around a 2out single, and it's Edwin, Bautista, Martin, Tulo due for #Bluejays in bot9 vs. Kimbrel. #Jays trail #Redsox 11-8.

Flaherty goes deep with 2out in bot9 to give the crowd at #OPCY something to cheer about. #Bluejays lead cut to 13-3. #Jays #Orioles

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#Bluejays go quietly in bot9 and #Padres stave off the sweep with an 8-4 win. #Jays

Martin, who Twitter decided was done earlier this week, rips a double to LCF to tie the game!!!! 9-9 #Bluejays and #Redsox bot9 for Travis!

Osuna Matata!!! A 7-pitch bot9 closes it out - #Bluejays beat #Rays 5-3 and the dream of 173-0 is still alive! #Jays

Wil Browning strikes out the side in order in bot9 to secure a 5-1 win for #Bluejays over #Rays. #Jays are 7-1-1 on the spring.

Dalton Pompey done tied it up. Clouts one to LF to lead off bot9. #Bluejays tie it up 6-6. #Jays #Orioles


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What does BoT9 stand for?
BoT9 stands for "Blessing of the Nine".
How to abbreviate "Blessing of the Nine"?
"Blessing of the Nine" can be abbreviated as BoT9.
What is the meaning of BoT9 abbreviation?
The meaning of BoT9 abbreviation is "Blessing of the Nine".
What is BoT9 abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BoT9 is "Blessing of the Nine".
What does BoT9 mean?
BoT9 as abbreviation means "Blessing of the Nine".
What is shorthand of Blessing of the Nine?
The most common shorthand of "Blessing of the Nine" is BoT9.