What does AZ mean?

AZ means Azshara

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What is the abbreviation for Azshara?

Azshara can be abbreviated as AZ
What does AZ mean? It stands for Azshara
AZ - Azshara in Undefined by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AZ

FACT: If EVERY SINGLE GREEN PARTY VOTER had chosen Hillary in AZ, FL, ME, & PA, Hillary would have STILL LOST. This isn't about 3rd parties.

Great to be on stage with Arizona's great governor @dougducey at our #TrumpPence16 rally in Mesa, AZ!

Great afternoon at @arizonastateuniversity talking to a really enthusiastic group of college students. #az #maga

High school students in AZ and CA walk out in protest of Trump victory. WATCH LIVE STREAM:

Why don't they at least call AZ?

Damn are they ever gonna give Trump AZ and MI's Electoral Votes?

Seriously, are they ever going to give MI and AZ to Trump?

BREAKING NEWS: Barstool calls it. Trump wins AZ and wins the election #barstoolelection

Dunno if AZ is truly in play in the presidential, but ads vs McCain in that Sen race are among the best this year:

Just straight flowing?...big pun, Eminem, Nas, camp lo, AZ...man flowing to me is like making words sound like music

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Big news out of the desert, looks like a new arena is coming in the east valley (much better location) for the AZ Coyotes for 19-20 season.

Thank You AZ -> Now onto LA

Where Clinton's gaining ground relative to Obama are a lot of places like TX, AZ, GA that aren't quite ready to be swing states yet.

Meanwhile, @Mark4AZ sends $1.4MM to @ACLU and other left wing groups, stonewalls on FOIA #AZ via @JudicialWatch

Next Week: Tucson, AZ - Sep 23 at N9NEFEST (Slaughterhouse)

New NBC/WSJ/Marist numbers likely voters AZ: Trump 42, Clinton 41 GA: Trump 46, Clinton 43 NV: Clinton 45, Trump 44 NH: Clinton 42, Trump 41

Def a lot of JayZ in certain things I do...#Drogas has a lot of examples of the Nas & AZ influences

Flagstaff AZ: thanks for turning out in solidarity with Standing Rock! #NoDAPL

In order to take the Senate majority in 2018, Democrats probably need to win Texas. Oh, and they need to win AZ and NV and hold 23 seats.


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What does AZ stand for?
AZ stands for "Azshara".
How to abbreviate "Azshara"?
"Azshara" can be abbreviated as AZ.
What is the meaning of AZ abbreviation?
The meaning of AZ abbreviation is "Azshara".
What is AZ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AZ is "Azshara".
What does AZ mean?
AZ as abbreviation means "Azshara".
What is shorthand of Azshara?
The most common shorthand of "Azshara" is AZ.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word AZ in term.