What does DS mean?

DS means Double Shot

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What is the abbreviation for Double Shot?

Double Shot can be abbreviated as DS
What does DS mean? It stands for Double Shot
DS - Double Shot in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DS


Re-upping this: Why Congress should investigate Russian meddling in 2016 election. (Where are the Ds?)

"J'ai un atout ds ma vie politique, je ne change pas de convictions tous les 4 matins selon les sondages!" #PointPol

#AWANInews #SiapaTumbukJamal: Siapa individu misteri yang menumbuk DS Jamal Md. Yunos? Saksikan #Awani745 malam ini

In Clarke Cnty Nevada, Trump sues 2 throw out votes. In Durham, Ds sue to allow more ppl 2 vote. Any questions?

Biggest ? on map to me is NC: keep an eye on how much black radio @potus & Hillary do today. Ds have to drive up E Day AfAm turnout to win

With 71% in, Missouri GOP Sen. Blunt is up by 8 points in his senate race. Another seat Ds thought they could pick up.

Best case scenario for Ds is that he becomes Schwarzenegger -- ditches Ryan agenda once polls tank.

To see how Trump might deal with Rs and Ds in Congress, look at how he played CNN off Fox News last year.

#BurnOut "Je plaide pour l'introduction des sciences humaines ds les modules de management". @CFECGC

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Yeah, some serious SJW exhaustion there. Turnout down for Ds. When everything's an apocalypse, nothing is.

"I wasn't inclined to back guy vowing Muslim ban/mass deportations, but now I am because Ds look down on me." -- No Trump voter anywhere

"Mes concurrents #primairedroite vous disent qu'ils vont changer de sens. Ils le feront seulement si ns entrons ds un rapport de forces"

#RDC : @VitalKamerhe1 precise que @SamyBadibanga est un proche de @fatshi13, que ca pourrait permettre le retour du @rassopp ds giron accord

At Diwali party last night, Biden says Ds ignored working class voters - and they're not racist. Shot via my iPhone.

on a scale of 1-10 how hard/difficult is it to record Nintendo DS stuff.

Trump will not want to be beholden to R congressional leadership. Needs a way to play Ds off them on some issues.

Only Congressional Republican I've seen mention Bannon on Twitter. (Lots of Ds condemning.)

Calibration needed for Trump -Media will normalize -Ds will be outraged But ideol. objections must be separated from norm/legal violations


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does DS stand for?
DS stands for "Double Shot".
How to abbreviate "Double Shot"?
"Double Shot" can be abbreviated as DS.
What is the meaning of DS abbreviation?
The meaning of DS abbreviation is "Double Shot".
What is DS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DS is "Double Shot".
What does DS mean?
DS as abbreviation means "Double Shot".
What is shorthand of Double Shot?
The most common shorthand of "Double Shot" is DS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DS in term.