What does AFAIK mean?

AFAIK means As Far As I Know

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What is the abbreviation for As Far As I Know?

As Far As I Know can be abbreviated as AFAIK
Other shorthands for As Far As I Know are: AFIK, AFAK, SFAIK, ISFAIK, AFI
What does AFAIK mean? It stands for As Far As I Know
AFAIK - As Far As I Know in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AFAIK

6. Hillary didn't. AFAIK, she's the first major-party presidential candidate to ever call out her opponent for racism in a debate.

@raderm @sarahkendzior AFAIK, a POTUS has legal authority to declassify classified materials however he chooses

The only thing I can think of was the Patti Pie's guy, but Patti invited him directly (eventually). He didn't get Walmart swag AFAIK.

The future for Microsoft, Windows, & Mobile is UWP, period. Running x86 apps on phone is not the plan AFAIK. Running W10M on x86, maybe.

Born & raised in Germany. Parents being interviewed. Afaik, school not too far from attack site. Was under treatment. @EitanArvats

#TBT afaik it was around christmas, I loved that chain on my jeans

In fairness to Senate minority, afaik they sit in all committees and are unaffected by and do not participate in, chairmanship selection etc

But afaik no saying has been attributed to the Prophet that says a woman who doesn't wear hijab cannot enter heaven. @nyannyal

Saddam's government was also, AFAIK, the only one to welcome the 9/11 attacks publicly.

Good story but pls "normalise" information for India. (Afaik, 2 of these 6 VCs aren't active in India).

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@trevp__ AFAIK, the only place this is documented outside of code is quite hard to find:

Must be structure of payments (or even third party ownership issues). AFAIK a deal's been in place over a month

That would be both generous (on your part) and accurate (in real life). AFAIK, etc.

@Maebhcon AFAIK, Visually Impaired is accepted - If i change one persons use of terminology this week, it will have been worth it :)

(17/n) mission is unsuccessful. AFAIK they never got the cache. Rel w cops might have bn screwed. But they saw something wrong & stopped it.

I have written about the McDonald's/BFAWU/Labour fiasco for the Guardian, going up tomorrow morning afaik

Rebuilding belief/trust in activist gov't ought to be #1 on the progressive to-do list, but AFAIK, *no one* is working on that directly.

@raissawriter @ronpxxx @leahnavarro he could afaik but it would only apply to the executive department.

I don't understand drawing parallels b/t the reaction to Ghostbusters and the Give Elsa a GF hashtag. Afaik tonally they're very different?


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What does AFAIK stand for?
AFAIK stands for "As Far As I Know".
How to abbreviate "As Far As I Know"?
"As Far As I Know" can be abbreviated as AFAIK.
What is the meaning of AFAIK abbreviation?
The meaning of AFAIK abbreviation is "As Far As I Know".
What is AFAIK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AFAIK is "As Far As I Know".
What does AFAIK mean?
AFAIK as abbreviation means "As Far As I Know".
What is shorthand of As Far As I Know?
The most common shorthand of "As Far As I Know" is AFAIK.