What does AFAIK mean?

AFAIK means As Far As I Know

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What is the abbreviation for As Far As I Know?

As Far As I Know can be abbreviated as AFAIK
Other shorthands for As Far As I Know are: AFIK, AFAK, SFAIK, AFI, ISFAIK
What does AFAIK mean? It stands for As Far As I Know
AFAIK - As Far As I Know in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having AFAIK

6. Hillary didn't. AFAIK, she's the first major-party presidential candidate to ever call out her opponent for racism in a debate.

@raderm @sarahkendzior AFAIK, a POTUS has legal authority to declassify classified materials however he chooses

The only thing I can think of was the Patti Pie's guy, but Patti invited him directly (eventually). He didn't get Walmart swag AFAIK.

The future for Microsoft, Windows, & Mobile is UWP, period. Running x86 apps on phone is not the plan AFAIK. Running W10M on x86, maybe.

Born & raised in Germany. Parents being interviewed. Afaik, school not too far from attack site. Was under treatment. @EitanArvats

In fairness to Senate minority, afaik they sit in all committees and are unaffected by and do not participate in, chairmanship selection etc

#TBT afaik it was around christmas, I loved that chain on my jeans

But afaik no saying has been attributed to the Prophet that says a woman who doesn't wear hijab cannot enter heaven. @nyannyal

Also stinks & needs more scrutiny but afaik decision not to pursue and contribution years apart. Different.

Good story but pls "normalise" information for India. (Afaik, 2 of these 6 VCs aren't active in India).

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Must be structure of payments (or even third party ownership issues). AFAIK a deal's been in place over a month

@trevp__ AFAIK, the only place this is documented outside of code is quite hard to find:

@Maebhcon AFAIK, Visually Impaired is accepted - If i change one persons use of terminology this week, it will have been worth it :)

That would be both generous (on your part) and accurate (in real life). AFAIK, etc.

I don't understand drawing parallels b/t the reaction to Ghostbusters and the Give Elsa a GF hashtag. Afaik tonally they're very different?

@raissawriter @ronpxxx @leahnavarro he could afaik but it would only apply to the executive department.

Rebuilding belief/trust in activist gov't ought to be #1 on the progressive to-do list, but AFAIK, *no one* is working on that directly.

I have written about the McDonald's/BFAWU/Labour fiasco for the Guardian, going up tomorrow morning afaik

(17/n) mission is unsuccessful. AFAIK they never got the cache. Rel w cops might have bn screwed. But they saw something wrong & stopped it.


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What does AFAIK stand for?
AFAIK stands for "As Far As I Know".
How to abbreviate "As Far As I Know"?
"As Far As I Know" can be abbreviated as AFAIK.
What is the meaning of AFAIK abbreviation?
The meaning of AFAIK abbreviation is "As Far As I Know".
What is AFAIK abbreviation?
One of the definitions of AFAIK is "As Far As I Know".
What does AFAIK mean?
AFAIK as abbreviation means "As Far As I Know".
What is shorthand of As Far As I Know?
The most common shorthand of "As Far As I Know" is AFAIK.