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Look through 115 acronyms and abbreviations related to Modern slang:

4 For    
4 Four    
4U For You    
4ward forward    
@ at    
@ Reply to    
AB About    
ABFT About Fucking Time    
ABT About    
AFAIK As Far As I Know    
B/C Because    
B4 Before    
BFN Bye for Now    
BGD Background    
blieve Believe    
BR Best regards    
bst Best    
bt About    
BTW By The Way    
C See    
cld could    
clk click    
D Director    
D Directive    
da father    
da The    
DA Direct Authentication    
da there    
deets details    
DM Direct Message    
Dweet Drunk Tweet    
em Email me    
Em email    
EMA Email Address    
EML EMaiL    
EML Email Markup Language    
EML Email Me Later    
EML Email Mailing List    
F2F Face To Face (also Meeting In Person)    
FAB Fabulous    
FAV Favorite    
fave favorite    
FB Facebook    
IRL In Real Life    
itz it is    
J/K Just Kidding    
JK Just kidding    
JSYK Just So You Know    
K Okay