What does W/ mean?

W/ means With

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What is the abbreviation for With?

With can be abbreviated as W/
What does W/ mean? It stands for With
W/ - With in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having W/

BREAKING: A senior State Dept official discussed a "quid pro quo" w/the FBI in exchange for reclassification of HRC emails, per FBI docs.

Give me a break! MSM talking about "unprecedented lack of transparency" because DJT takes his fam to diner w/o them

Dear GOP leaders, u damn well know Trump is a pig. If u play w/pigs, u end up covered in mud. Cut. Him. Loose. Now.

It doesn't bother me Trump is screaming about global conspiracies, drug tests, etc. Its that his fans dont recognize a man w/ psych problems

Pete Williams has sources saying not about Clinton world w/holding emails. Not about Podesta emails. Not emails from Clinton.

#Spotless together w/ @JayHardway OUT NOW. Artwork: Eric Basstein

Prospective AttGen says they can start building wall w/o congress by shifting $ approved 4 other stuff. That's illegal. And he doesn't know?

New Email Suggests @DonnaBrazile Had Exact Wording of Proposed Town Hall Question shared w/ Clinton camp.

.@Metallica, @theroots & I perform "Enter Sandman" w/Classroom Instruments! #hardwiredtoselfdestruct #FallonTonight

NEWS: Trump campaign planning to pull out of VA, sources tell NBC News, announcement made on conference call tonight w/victory staff

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RT if you're w/ #Hendo @DanHendo this Saturday, 10/8 at #UFC204 LIVE on Pay-Per-View! @MetroPCS

Trump transition in stasis. Obama administration officials are alarmed. And so are GOPers w/ @ryanjreilly

Story posting now w/ @ZachLowe_NBA: Sources say three NBA teams (Milwaukee, Memphis and Dallas) have stopped staying in Trump-branded hotels

BREAKING: Source familiar w/ Trump's thinking confirms Sunday's meeting w/ Gov. Mitt Romney is to discuss position of Secretary of State.

When you still aren't used to seeing KD w/ the Warriors... (via sherwoodstrauss/Instagram)

Interesting: Rep. @RubenGallego, young rising progressive, breaks with colleagues on working w/Trump.

Putin's foreign policy adviser says after 30-min phone call w/ Trump, the Kremlin's still not entirely sure what his position is on Ukraine

Unless I move to a desert island w/o wifi, I'll keep speaking out. If Trump wins, desert island strangely appealing.

Tomorrow, Trump will be meeting w/anyone who will get you to stop talking about the white nationalist elements joining his administration


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does W/ stand for?
W/ stands for "With".
How to abbreviate "With"?
"With" can be abbreviated as W/.
What is the meaning of W/ abbreviation?
The meaning of W/ abbreviation is "With".
What is W/ abbreviation?
One of the definitions of W/ is "With".
What does W/ mean?
W/ as abbreviation means "With".
What is shorthand of With?
The most common shorthand of "With" is W/.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word W/ in term.