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Look through 1893 acronyms and abbreviations related to Architecture:

0x Zero-X fictitious Earth spacecraft in Supermarionation productions    
16Th Ed WR 16Th Edition Wiring Regulations    
A Ampere    
a Areal    
A Area    
A Acre    
A I Architecture Interiors magazine    
A&E Architecture and Engineering    
A/E Architect/Engineer    
A/F Across Flats    
AAA Alberta Association of Architects    
AACA Architects Accreditation Council of Australia    
AAESDA Association of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Draughtsmen of Australian    
AALA Alberta Association of Landscape Architects    
AAMA American Architectural Manufacturer's Association    
AAMA Association Architectural Manufacturers Association    
aarb Art and Architectural Review Board    
AAT Art & Architecture Thesaurus    
AATO Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario    
ABAAG Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines    
ABCD Analysis of Building Climatic Data    
ABH Architectural Builders Hardware    
ABI At-Bit Inclination    
ABRI Architecture and Building Research Institute    
ABTA Absolute Background Textures Archive    
ABV Above    
ABWF Architectural Builders Works and Finishes    
AC annual closing    
AC Alternating Current    
ACAI Architecture Commune des Applications Informatiques    
ACB Active Chilled Beam    
ACC Architectural Control Committee    
ACC Accessory    
ACC Access Control    
ACE Architecture Construction and Engineering    
ACE Amethyst Contrast Enhancer    
ACE Artificial Compound Entity    
ACH Air Changes per Hour    
ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation    
ACI American Concrete Institute    
ACMV Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation    
ACP Aluminum Composite Panel    
ACP Arched Concrete Pipe    
ACSA Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture    
ACSI Architectural Control Systems Incorporated    
ACT Acoustical Ceiling Tile    
ACT Actual    
AD Architectural Digest    
AD Artist Designer