What does LAN mean?

LAN means Local Area Network

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What is the abbreviation for Local Area Network?

Local Area Network can be abbreviated as LAN
Other shorthands for Local Area Network are: Wireless LAN, LANs, LAN
What does LAN mean? It stands for Local Area Network
LAN - Local Area Network in Medical by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LAN

We are launching the ESEA LAN Anti-Cheat! Details:

"You guys wanna come over for a LAN party? I got Mountain Dew and Oreos."

I have a friend of mine who is looking into hosting a MWR SnD LAN. RT this if you would be interesting in watching or even competing.

Goool lan goool

CoD LAN League would be dope.

Remember the #ClocksGoBack this Sunday at 2am! Lan

Night Shift at Bungie. Launch Team has set up a makeshift LAN Party. The noise of Private Matches fills the studio as we wait for go-time.

Remember the #ClocksGoBack this Sunday at 2am! Lan

A well-placed cloud makes it look like there's a volcano in Dorset. More UK pics: Lan

The #supermoon rises in Fremantle, Australia. More spectacular world weather pics: Lan

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i don't think SND stars realize they wouldn't be wall running 360'ing off trees on 12/12 sens at an event. careless online. scared on LAN.

Stadium events are cool and have their place, but in my opinion, what makes esports special is large open LAN events.

ESEA LAN Anti-Cheat revealed -

Check out the top plays from the SPL Group D LAN!

Could we see the first named storm of the season this weekend? John Hammond explains: Lan

The #eLevateSmitePC team debuts this weekend at LAN Stages. @eLevateNulisa @eLevateJermain @eLevateDardez @eLevateJiffy @eLevateMogow

Photos of gamers napping through a massive LAN party:

#BiennaleArchitettura2016 LAN: Urban Renovation of Lormont Genicart District #ReportingFromTheFront

Good Afternoon! Safe travels to our @Halo team heading to Vegas for LAN! #MWOutlaws @eLevateNem @Life2thaStyle @DasTroyed @Swift_Kill


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What does LAN stand for?
LAN stands for "Local Area Network".
How to abbreviate "Local Area Network"?
"Local Area Network" can be abbreviated as LAN.
What is the meaning of LAN abbreviation?
The meaning of LAN abbreviation is "Local Area Network".
What is LAN abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LAN is "Local Area Network".
What does LAN mean?
LAN as abbreviation means "Local Area Network".
What is shorthand of Local Area Network?
The most common shorthand of "Local Area Network" is LAN.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LAN in term.