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A Analog    
A Ampere    
A&A Advertise and Award    
A&CO activation and checkout    
A&COTA Assembly and Checkout Technical Analysis    
A&E Architectural and Engineering    
A&L Approach and Landing    
A&P Attitude and Pointing    
A&PS Administration and Program Support    
a&r Assembly and Recycle    
A&R Automation and Robotics    
A&RC Application and Resource Control    
a&s Alignment and Stabilization    
A&SS alignment and stabilization subsystem    
A&TA Assembly and Test Area    
A-G Air-to-Ground    
A/A analog-to-analog    
A/A airplane avionics    
A/A Air-to-Air    
A/B Airborne    
A/C Aircraft    
A/D Analog-to-Digital    
A/F airframe    
A/F Air-to-Fuel ratio    
A/FM arm firing mechanism    
A/G air-to-ground    
A/J antijam    
A/L Airlock    
A/M auto/manual    
A/N Alphanumeric    
A/N account name    
A/O Analog Output    
A/P Airport    
A/P Autopilot    
A/R autoland roll-out    
A/S Ascent Stage    
A/S acquisition sensor    
A/S auxiliary stage    
A/S arm/safe    
A/S Airspeed    
AA American Airlines    
AA Affirmative Action    
AA Accelerated Assembly    
AA Associate Administrator    
AA air-to-air    
aa Antiaircraft    
AA Angular Accelerometer    
AA Antiaircraft Artillery    
AA Airplane Avionics    
AA/AL automatic approach/autoland