What does BTU mean?

BTU means British Thermal Unit

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What is the abbreviation for British Thermal Unit?

British Thermal Unit can be abbreviated as BTU
Other shorthands for British Thermal Unit are: BTHU, btus
What does BTU mean? It stands for British Thermal Unit
BTU - British Thermal Unit in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Amazing. Spot LNG arriving in Japan now selling for just $4.50 per million BTU. That was Henry Hub only 5 years ago

In 2015, total U.S. primary #energy consumption was about 97.7 quadrillion Btu

#Arangurenmiente cuando importa gas de Chile a US$7 mill Btu mientras pagamos gas a bolivia a US$3 mill Btu y gas licuado a US$4,5 mill

U.S. total #energy consumption was 98 quadrillion Btu in 2014, a 1% increase from 2013

#Russia consumed 30.52 quadrillion British thermal units (Btu) of #energy in 2013

#Texas was the top #energy-consuming state in 2014, using 13 quadrillion Btu

Love being in FL to #gotv with our local leaders-amazing women-@afusco_BTU & @KarlaMats #AFT4Hillary #1uvote

World #energy use increases from 549 quadrillion Btu in 2010 to 815 quadrillion Btu in 2040

#BREAKING: US #Coal Giant Peabody Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy via @business $BTU #oil

Watch: Oil faces the same fate as coal: @rob_cyran @jgfarb $BTU

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My nominee for ugly chart of the day. $BTU

#optionstrading: $RIG & $QCOM puts, $BTU down 35%, $ORCL & $FDX #earnings, #Fed today

Peabody Energy ($BTU) nearly tripled this month in the Great Materials Short Squeeze. Today they're talking Chap 11.

@BTU_K_Tees14 sure, sure. DM us your address. Don't let us hear bout them hands tho or u gon catch these talons.

#optionstrading: $SUNE sued by $VSLR, $KO low-cal drinks, $BTU layoffs, $NFLX, $CVX upgrade


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What does BTU stand for?
BTU stands for "British Thermal Unit".
How to abbreviate "British Thermal Unit"?
"British Thermal Unit" can be abbreviated as BTU.
What is the meaning of BTU abbreviation?
The meaning of BTU abbreviation is "British Thermal Unit".
What is BTU abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BTU is "British Thermal Unit".
What does BTU mean?
BTU as abbreviation means "British Thermal Unit".
What is shorthand of British Thermal Unit?
The most common shorthand of "British Thermal Unit" is BTU.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BTU in term.