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3GR Third Gear    
4GR Fourth Gear    
4WD Four Wheel Drive (cf. AWD)    
5AT Five Speed Automatic Transmission    
6MT Six Speed Manual Transmission    
A/C Air Conditioning    
A/D Analogue to Digital Converter    
A/F Air Fuel Ratio    
A/T Automatic Transaxle    
A/T Automatic Transmission    
AAC Autobody Association of Connecticut    
AAIA Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association    
AAM Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers    
AAMVA American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators    
aap Auxiliary Accelerator Pump    
AAPA Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance    
AARA Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association    
AASA Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association    
AASP Alliance of Automotive Service Providers    
AASP-IL Alliance of Automotive Service Providers - Illinois    
AASP-NJ Alliance of Automotive Service Providers - New Jersey    
AAT Ambient Air Temperature    
ab Air Bleed    
ABA Auto Body Association    
ABA-CT Auto Body Association of Connecticut    
ABD Automatic Brake Differential    
ABDC After Bottom Dead Center    
ABRS air bag restraint system    
ABS Anti-Lock Brake System    
Abs. Absolute    
absv Air Bypass Solenoid Valve    
AC Alternating Current    
ACA Autobody Craftsman Association    
ACC Automatic Climate Control    
ACC Air Conditioning Clutch    
ACC A/C Clutch Compressor    
ACCA Arizona Collision Craftsmans Association    
ACCS A/C Cycling Switch    
ACCUM Accumulator    
ACCY Accessory    
Accy. Accessory    
ACL Air cleaner    
ACON Air Conditioning On Signal    
ACPSW Air Conditioning Pressure Switch    
ACR Air Conditioning Relay    
ACR4 Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Recovery, Recycling, Recharging    
ACRA America's Collision Repair Association    
ACT Air Charge Temperature    
ACTS Air Charge Temperature Sensor    
ACV Air Control Valve