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AAEC advanced alternative energy corporation    
AAQS Ambient Air Quality Standards (environment) (US)    
AAU Assigned amount units (measurement)    
ABF Aquatic Base Flow (Hydropower) (electricity)    
ABF Availability Based Tariff    
ABMEE Agency of Brasov for the Management of Energy and Environment    
AC Alternating Current    
ACA Annual Charge Adjustment (electricity)    
ACE Appetite Control and Energy    
ACE Area Control Error (electricity)    
ACEEE American Council for an Energy Efficient Environment    
ACERT American Clean Energy Resources Trust    
ACRS Accelerated Cost Recovery System (finance)    
ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safety    
ADED All Day Energy Diet    
ADITC Accumulated Deferred Investment Tax Credit (policy)    
ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution    
ADR Asset Depreciation Range (finance)    
AEA Association for Energy Affordability    
AEC Atomic Energy Commission (superseded by ERDA)    
aec Advanced Energy Consortium    
AEC Alternative Energy Club    
AECB Atomic Energy Control Board    
AECB Afghan Energy Capacity Building    
AECL Active Energy Control Ltd    
AEDS Atomic Energy Detection System    
AEE Advanced Energy Economy    
AEE Association of Energy Engineers    
AEE Alternative Energy Engineering    
aeea Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance    
AEEA Advancing energy efficiency in    
AEG Associated Energy Group    
AEGB Austin Energy Green Building    
AEI Arsenal Energy Inc. (Toronto Stock Exchange [TSX])    
AEL Advanced Energy Legislation    
AEP American Electric Power Company, Inc.    
aep American Energy Partners    
AEPI American Energy Producers Inc    
AEPS Alternative Energy Product Suite    
AEPS Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard    
AER Atomic Energy Research    
AESC Alternative Energy Systems Consulting    
AESC Automotive Energy Supply Corporation    
AESC Avoided Energy Supply Component    
aesi Alternative Energy Solutions International    
AET Alternate Energy Technologies, LLC    
aet Applied Energy Technologies    
AETI advanced energy training institute    
AETI Advanced Energy Technology Initiative    
AETL Arkansas Energy Technology Loan