What does ROI mean?

ROI means Return on Investment

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What is the abbreviation for Return on Investment?

Return on Investment can be abbreviated as ROI
Other shorthands for Return on Investment are: ROI, ROYI, ROI, ROI, ROIs
What does ROI mean? It stands for Return on Investment
ROI - Return on Investment in Business & Finance by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having ROI

Not a good ROI for Mr. Steyer. RT "The Biggest Loser In The 2016 Election? Tom Steyer"

#CeJourLa en 1589, Henri de Navarre devient Henri IV, roi de France. Portrait par Frans II Pourbus, dit le Jeune

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Facebook tops ROI list for marketers, Snapchat is last. <Big miss not including YouTube however #marketing #smm

How to explain to your boss the next time they ask you: "What's the ROI of social media?"

How to Get a Great ROI on Your Influencer Marketing Plan | by @murraynewlands

Je verse toujours une larme en regardant le Roi Lion #JeudiConfession

Proving the ROI of Content Marketing #content #mktg

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#ROI XI to face Austria: Randolph, Coleman, Clark, Whelan, Arter, Brady, McClean, Hendrick, Hoolahan, Duffy, Walters.

Austria XI to face #ROI: Ozcan, Klein, Dragovic, Hinteregger, Wimmer, Baumgartlinger, Alaba, Sabitzer, Schopf, Arnautovic, Janko.

Big win for #ROI. What a weekend. Over to you now Wales... let's have it!

Metrics can demonstrate ROI, but can you demonstrate that you use metrics effectively?

Well done to @AntonyEvans_8 on his first goal and start in an @england shirt as the U18s beat ROI 4-1. Davies & Holland also featured. #EFC

The Universal Guide for the Best Social Channels for Marketing ROI #marketing #socialmedia

Allen: 4 yrs, $30M; Fleener: 5 yrs, $36.5M. Green, 4 yrs, $20M. Cook: 1 yr, $3.6M. Will be interesting to see which team gets the best ROI.

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What does ROI stand for?
ROI stands for "Return on Investment".
How to abbreviate "Return on Investment"?
"Return on Investment" can be abbreviated as ROI.
What is the meaning of ROI abbreviation?
The meaning of ROI abbreviation is "Return on Investment".
What is ROI abbreviation?
One of the definitions of ROI is "Return on Investment".
What does ROI mean?
ROI as abbreviation means "Return on Investment".
What is shorthand of Return on Investment?
The most common shorthand of "Return on Investment" is ROI.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word ROI in term.