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1 LV 2 Living Levels    
1C 1 car Garage    
1C 2 car Garage    
2 LV 1 Living Levels    
2/1 2 bedrooms / 1 bathrooms    
2C 1 car Garage    
2C 2 car Garage    
3 3 Bedrooms    
3/4 Bath toilet sink shower or tub    
4/3 4 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms    
4/3/2 4 bedroom / 3 bath / 2 car garage    
A/C Air Conditioned    
A/C Air Conditioning    
A/G PL Above ground Pool    
AARE Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate    
aare All American Real Estate    
AB Abstract    
ABR Accredited Buyer Representative    
AC annual closing    
AC Acre    
ACTV Active    
AICUZ Air Installations Compatible Use Zones    
AIREA American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers    
AIREF Apollo International Real Estate Fund    
alc alcove    
ALM Aluminum    
ALTA American Land Title Association    
AMEN Amenities    
AMO Accredited Management Organization    
AMORT Amortization    
AMPG Australian Major Projects Group    
AOR Association of Realtors    
APPL Appliances    
APPR Agency Approved    
APPT Appointment    
APR Annual Percentage Rate    
APT Apartment    
Arch Architect    
ARE Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc    
AREC Arizona Real Estate Center    
AREC Associated Real Estate Council    
AREF Alberta Real Estate Foundation    
AREF Association of Real Estate Funds    
AREIC Almutlaq Real Estate Investment Company    
AREP Accredited Real Estate Professional    
ARES American Real Estate Society    
ARM Adjustable Rate Mortgage    
ARR Asking Rental Rate    
ARV After-Repaired Value    
ASA American Society of Appraisers