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# Number sign, octothorp; special function key    
* Star, special function key    
1-ESS x-ESS series of Electronic Switching Systems    
1000BASE-T 1000 Megabits per Second, Baseband, Twisted Pair    
100BASE-T 100 Megabits per second, Baseband, Twisted pair    
100BASE-T2 100 Megabits per Second, Baseband, Two-pair Category 3 UTP cables    
100BASE-T4 100 Megabits per Second, Baseband, Four-pair Category 3 UTP cables    
100VG 100 Voice Grade (IEEE 802.12 AnyLAN Standard)    
10BASE-T 10 Megabits per second, Baseband, Twisted pair    
1FB Single line, Flat Business rate;    
2G Second Generation Wireless Systems    
2G Second generation cellular    
2G Second-generation mobile telephone system    
2W Two Wire    
2W 2-Wire    
3-d 3-Dimensional    
3G Third Generation (mobile communication system)    
3G 3rd Generation Wireless Format    
3G Third Generation mobile phone network    
3G HSPA Third-Generation High-Speed Packet Access    
3GIP Third Generation Internet Protocol    
3GPP Third-Generation Partnership Project    
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project    
3GSM Third-generation Global System for Mobile (communications)    
3RNGR Three Ringer    
3WC Three Way calling    
3WO Third Wire Open    
4 GIG 4 Giga Intellectual Gadget    
4G Fourth Generation    
4G Fourth Generation Wireless Systems    
4GL Fourth-Generation Language    
4W Four-Wire    
4WA Four Wire Analog    
4WAI Four-Wire Analog Interface    
4WE&M Four-Wire Ear and Mouth    
9 Nine    
800 Freephone    
802.11 HR High data Rate IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN protocol    
802.x Series of LAN standards developed by IEEE    
888 Freephone    
911 Emergency Services Phone Number    
A All lines    
A Anode    
A-key Authentication key    
A/C Air Conditioner    
A/D Analog-to-Digital converter    
A/V Audiovisual    
AA Audit Agent    
AA Agile Access    
AA Auto-Answer