What does MOB mean?

MOB means Mobile

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What is the abbreviation for Mobile?

Mobile can be abbreviated as MOB
Other shorthands for Mobile are: Mob, 365 AL, MOB, MOBI, 366 AL*, MOE, m, MOG, Mob, M-, mobil, Mobn, MBL, Mo, Mobil, M
What does MOB mean? It stands for Mobile
MOB - Mobile in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MOB

"Love Trumps Hate" mob of high school students protesting Trump beat a 15-year-old Trump supporter, sending him to the hospital.

Baby parts-harvesting ghouls hire rent-a-mob to protest Trump...using YOUR tax dollars==>

WATCH: Jake Tapper Triggered After GOP Rep. Cites Video of Black Mob Attacking White Trump Voter.

I am guessing what these protesters want is not a nation of laws, but violent mob rule? Thanks for reminding us we made the right choice.

This audience member thinks that democracy is being lowered to mob rule #bbcqt

Several injured by "flash mob" attack in Philly

A$AP Yams' mother reflects on his death: "My son was under tremendous pressure to keep A$AP Mob striving together."

Unruly mob trying to rip USA apart by demanding tolerance

Man beaten up by exercise band/the mob in his bathroom descends into rage spiral

Obama silent as black mob beats pro-Trump white man.

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Overnight: Person shot, police officers assaulted during tolerance mob tantrum in Portland, Oregon

It's ironic that d same mob that metes out jungle justice to small-item thieves, prostrates for d million-dollar thieves when they drive by

The mob uses the lowest IQ of those in the group said Dr Geoffrey W Griffin. So, avoid mobs unless of course your IQ will be the one used

Trump was the exact reason the Founders set up the system so that The Mob couldn't take the reins and gallop the wagon right off a cliff.

They're not a mob of stalkers who've sent women gamers into hiding with rape and death threats, they're about "ethics in gaming journalism"

No justice. Only mob rule.

Anti-Trump-Mob bedroht US-Polizei, wirft Steine & Flaschen. Politisch korrekte Gewalt.

This mob (state-funded of course) used to be called a Smokefree SouthWest. See how the slippery slope works?

There are not too many communities in Nigeria without serial killers. Because those regular mob lynchings are not done by spirits.


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What does MOB stand for?
MOB stands for "Mobile".
How to abbreviate "Mobile"?
"Mobile" can be abbreviated as MOB.
What is the meaning of MOB abbreviation?
The meaning of MOB abbreviation is "Mobile".
What is MOB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MOB is "Mobile".
What does MOB mean?
MOB as abbreviation means "Mobile".
What is shorthand of Mobile?
The most common shorthand of "Mobile" is MOB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word MOB in term.