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A/S/L Age/Sex/Location    
AA Adios Amigo    
AA As above    
AAK Alive and Kicking    
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact    
AAS Alive and smiling    
AATK Always At the Keyboard    
AAYF As Always Your Friend    
ABC Already Been Chewed    
ABT About    
ACK Acknowledge (telecommunications; Cf. NAK)    
ACPT Accept    
ADD Address    
ADDY Address    
ADN Any Day Now    
ADR Address    
ae area-effect    
AFAIAA As Far As I Am Aware    
AFAIAC As Far As I Am Concerned    
AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned    
AFAICR As Far As I Can Recall    
AFAICS As Far As I Can See    
AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell    
AFAIK As Far As I Know    
AFAIUI As Far As I Understand It    
AFAP As Far As Possible    
AFC Away from Computer    
AFJ April Fool's Joke    
AFK Away From Keyboard (Internet Chat Abbreviation)    
AFN All For Now    
AFU All Fucked Up    
AFWIW Anyway, for what it's worth    
AFZ Acronym Free Zone    
AH At home    
AI As If    
AIM AOL Institutent Messenger    
AIM Aol Instant Messege    
AIR As I Remember    
AISB As I Said Before    
AISI As I See It    
AIUI As I Understand It    
ALOL Actually laughing out loud    
AMAP As Much As Possible    
AML All My Love    
AO Anarchy Online    
AOC Available on cell    
AOE Area of Effect    
AOM Age of Mythology    
AOMM Always On My Mind    
AOTA All of the Above