What does n00b mean?

n00b means Newbie

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What is the abbreviation for Newbie?

Newbie can be abbreviated as n00b
Other shorthands for Newbie are: NOOB, NEWB, n00bs, NU-B, NB
What does n00b mean? It stands for Newbie
n00b - Newbie in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having n00b

Twitter's new Dashboard app tells n00b businesses what they should be tweeting

Anyone who scrolls through a timeline w/their right thumb is a Twitter n00b -- cant risk hitting that like icon when you stalking an account

@emmablackery get rekt n00b

A comprehensive hacking glossary to keep you from being a n00b and getting pwned

Yes, a n00b like Angela could pull off what happened on Mr. Robot last week by @nathanmattise

When a @PredictIt n00b makes more money on the #debate than you.

MW2UESDAY IS TODAY. Break out your 360s and prepare to get n00b-tubed by a squeaker on spawn. ETA 1 HOUR

Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation 4! #PS4live I'm play XCOM 2 and I'm a total n00b (send help). live at

@neontaster n00b walks on moon

@SoyNahueView jaja suizito n00b

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@youngthegiant @justinbieber oh man. Chekhov, I meant Chekhov. Why is auto correct such a literary n00b

just knife another n00b keepo

@F34R_M3_N00B You mean, something like these?

Eres un manco @Exidax ale ya te puedes ir triste a dormir , pedazo n00b

@DnerTV i make you pl4tt n00b g3t r3hktt!1!!!

Don't be an #SEO N00b. Separate myth from fact here:

Shut up n00b.

@MarkiLokurasY calla N00b cuando llegues a 2200 de eLo me avisas lmfao

Proof Black Ops 3 is more n00b friendly than Black Ops 2. @DavidVonderhaar


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What does n00b stand for?
n00b stands for "Newbie".
How to abbreviate "Newbie"?
"Newbie" can be abbreviated as n00b.
What is the meaning of n00b abbreviation?
The meaning of n00b abbreviation is "Newbie".
What is n00b abbreviation?
One of the definitions of n00b is "Newbie".
What does n00b mean?
n00b as abbreviation means "Newbie".
What is shorthand of Newbie?
The most common shorthand of "Newbie" is n00b.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word n00b in term.