What does NM mean?

NM means No Message

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What is the abbreviation for No Message?

No Message can be abbreviated as NM
Other shorthands for No Message are: N/M
What does NM mean? It stands for No Message
NM - No Message in Internet Slang, SMS, Texting & Chat by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NM

I sent my #Sandesh2Soldiers. This Diwali let us all remember our soldiers! via NM App

If you live in PA, FL, OH, TX, GA, MI, SC, NM, IN, LA, TN, KY, AR you must REGISTER to vote by TOMORROW! Please RT!

Tomorrow! Las Vegas, NV- 11a: CO- 4p: NM- 7p:

Trump could take PA, VA, MI, WI, MN, NM and ME.

Leaving Trump rally in NM, still trying to figure out why a man just yelled at me to "put some clothes on." I am fully dressed.

After today's updates from OR AZ WA CO IL CA NM MD NC: Clinton 62,947,053 48% 232 EV Trump 61,564,503 47% 290 EV

Sunday on the campaign trail - Trump starts last full week of the election with rallies in Las Vegas, NV - Greeley, CO - Albuquerque, NM

ALBUQUERQUE, NM-- @realDonaldTrump here for his 3rd and last rally of the day.

@GovGaryJohnson tells @deteconomicclub I did not create one single job as gov of NM. I created certainty.

I sent my #Sandesh2Soldiers. This Diwali let us all remember our soldiers! via NM App

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Forming ACTION GROUPS in: Baltimore NYC Charlotte SC STL FL MI NM Austin LA SF Seattle ...& counting. Reply to join or add city.

Prime Minister inaugurates Rail Vikas Shivir NMApp

IPS Probationers of 2015 batch call on PM NMApp

Have suggestions for PM @narendramodi's #MannKiBaat? Share them now! NMApp

Have a look at top trending stories on social media today NMApp

After updating IL, MD, OR, AZ, NM, WA, CA: Popular vote: Clinton 62,845,317 Trump 61,522,391

Prime Minister @narendramodi inaugurates #RailVikasShivir NMApp

Mayor Javier Gonzales of Sante Fe, NM refuses to help #Trump deport immigrants via @YouTube

Made a sundried tomato-mozzarella bread and I'm insanely proud of myself. (And of the bread for rising to the occasion. get it? get it?? NM)


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does NM stand for?
NM stands for "No Message".
How to abbreviate "No Message"?
"No Message" can be abbreviated as NM.
What is the meaning of NM abbreviation?
The meaning of NM abbreviation is "No Message".
What is NM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NM is "No Message".
What does NM mean?
NM as abbreviation means "No Message".
What is shorthand of No Message?
The most common shorthand of "No Message" is NM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NM in term.