What does NS mean?

NS means Nice Shot

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What is the abbreviation for Nice Shot?

Nice Shot can be abbreviated as NS
What does NS mean? It stands for Nice Shot
NS - Nice Shot in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having NS

In SC Investigative journo Asad Kharal stated that 99.9 % of govt docs fake. That is why NS shd resign or he will influence institutions.

PM shows President Erdogan 'Wall of fame' that exhibits pics of ex-PMs. PM NS is the only one to have three pics :)

CPEC completion a huge achievement of PM NS, & death knell for IK's politics.To save his political future IK is ready to destroy everything.

I requested Supreme Court that notice is not enough, NS deserves show cause notice. He is a liar, once a liar always be a liar. SR

Meeting with Junooni workers around Bani Gala. NS, keeps piling hurdles. Insafians know how to cross them #BringItOn

Il pensiero x tutte le persone che non hanno piu una casa, x il ns paese che sta perdendo la sua storia #TerremotoCentroItalia

#PanamaLeaks is gone,won by #NS professional competent legal team,now wait for 2018 elections which PMLN is likely to win in a big way

There's NO company in NS name.

What is most upsetting is that after all this it is NS not NX. I guess Nintendo Xwitch didn't stick. #SGonGiveItToYa

Ecco il rush finale che proclama il ns. campione di #Rischiatutto!!! #Orofino @fabfazio @RaiTre

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Battle against the mafia will be fought on all fronts. IK in SC for case against NS. #IslamabadLockdown

Adil Gilani of Transparency first became advisor to NS now being made Ambassador to Serbia. What is the give & take?

Inside they all knew NS is not at fault.

Decent: sessions, sec defense; Giuliani, AG; Romney SOS; Flynn CIA. Bad: sessions, AG; Giuliani, SOS; Flynn, ns advisor; ? Sec defense.

The purpose of our movement was Nawaz Sharif's Talaashi, now when supreme court began NS's Talaashi, our purpose was achieved #IKonARY

The judges said we will do justice. They are ready to investigate NS It was the moment I thanked Allah @ImranKhanPTI #YoumETashakkur

#Primaire2016 : le peuple de droite et centre ne dt pas se faire voler sa primaire par ceux qui ne partagent pas ns valeurs et ns principes

Zijn jullie ook zo verheugd dat @rogervanboxtel van de @D66 zijn bonus weigerde? #NS

#beroving #Schiedam thv NS station centrum.5 daders. Een do huidskl., bril. Een pers. met een Gucci tasje, hebben een #LouisVuitton als buit


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does NS stand for?
NS stands for "Nice Shot".
How to abbreviate "Nice Shot"?
"Nice Shot" can be abbreviated as NS.
What is the meaning of NS abbreviation?
The meaning of NS abbreviation is "Nice Shot".
What is NS abbreviation?
One of the definitions of NS is "Nice Shot".
What does NS mean?
NS as abbreviation means "Nice Shot".
What is shorthand of Nice Shot?
The most common shorthand of "Nice Shot" is NS.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word NS in term.