What does JIC mean?

JIC means Just In Case

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What is the abbreviation for Just In Case?

2 ways to abbreviate Just In Case
Just In Case can be abbreviated as JIC
Other shorthands for Just In Case are: JIK
What does JIC mean? It stands for Just In Case
JIC - Just In Case in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having JIC

Astonishing snippet: WMD central to case for war yet JIC never examined possibility Iraq may not have them #Chilcot

Blair now being accused of not second guessing the JIC on intelligence. The complete opposite of what he was previously being accused of.

Hillary Clinton always keeps 2 throat lozenges and a glass of water under her podium jic, like today, she gets a coughing fit on stage.

Chilcot: JIC should have made clear to Mr Blair that intelligence had not established beyond doubt re Iraq WMD capability

#OakbayResults: JIC has never had a government contract.

#OakbayResults Howa: the Group's recent entry into the mining industry has shown that JIC Mining Services can be turned around for growth.

#OakbayResults Howa: JIC, which is the largest business unit within the mining division, has no revenue at all from any government source.

Chilcot seems to be chastising JIC for not correcting Blair that intel had NOT established beyond doubt that Iraq continued to develop CW+NW

PM - sir john finds no evidence of improperly included intelligence - finds a "distinction" between JIC and Mr Blair

Sr Police officers inc Ch'man JIC, DG SSB , SS(IS) in MHA & a large no. of CAPF personnel & civil society members attended ceremony. (2/2)

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I am @Grummz on Gab.ai and also on . I highly recommend creating an account on these sites, JIC.

"At no stage was the proposition that Iraq might no longer have [WMD} identified and examined by either the JIC or the policy community."

Scratch my other tweet - Pack your shades & rain jacket, JIC. Let's have a commute as pleasing as sunny spring day!

Paramedic Herbert testified she saw a bit of blood beneath #FreddieGray nose. Treated him OD JIC but thought skull fracture. #GoodsonTrial

Staver: JIC wants you to think Moore ordered probate judges to disobey court, but Moore's action "did not change a thing."

SMK Negeri JIC Mulai Beroperasi 2017 #JakartaKini

Trump: Ted Cruz's dad was involved with JFK assassination. Cruz: Trump had venereal disease. JIC you're wondering how US election is going.

#JIC u thought this wasn't happening. Organic food sales up 16.7% & conventional food sales NOT. #neverpesticides

Roberts joked that Ellis said he's going to have a sleep over at Jic/Trayce//Corey's place. 3 kids raking.


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does JIC stand for?
JIC stands for "Just In Case".
How to abbreviate "Just In Case"?
"Just In Case" can be abbreviated as JIC.
What is the meaning of JIC abbreviation?
The meaning of JIC abbreviation is "Just In Case".
What is JIC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of JIC is "Just In Case".
What does JIC mean?
JIC as abbreviation means "Just In Case".
What is shorthand of Just In Case?
The most common shorthand of "Just In Case" is JIC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word JIC in term.