What does SYL mean?

SYL means See You Later

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What is the abbreviation for See You Later?

See You Later can be abbreviated as SYL
Other shorthands for See You Later are: C YA L8R, L8TR, CUL8R, SUL, CUL, CUL8TR, CU L8R, CUL8ER, CUL8TER, CULTR, CYL, CYAL8R, cyal, syl8r, cyl8er, SLAR, cyl8, L8RS
What does SYL mean? It stands for See You Later
SYL - See You Later in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having SYL

We will not share even a single drop of water and our stand is clear on SYL. #AkaliDalAgainstSYL

My Column on SYL today: But where is the water? @htTweets

Punjab is an agrarian state and water is its lifeline. Every Punjabi is duty bound to oppose SYL to protect the state. #AkaliDalAgainstSyl

Amarinder is a career sycophant. He welcomed Indira Gandhi with advertisements when she came to Kapoori to inaugurate digging of the SYL.

My interview to the Economic Times on the SYL issue. Do listen to the full video for the nuances of the issue

It is one week since the order on SYL was pronounced but Mr Amarinder Singh has still not sent the resignation letter in the required format

In the interest of our farmers, we have taken a steadfast stand on SYL -not even a single drop of water to be shared! /2

Tamika Taurasi McCoughtry Maya 'Mone Lindsay Brittney Bre Syl Sue Elena Tina #USA

They started the problem of SYL. Now acting to be in favour of Punjabis. Captain Amarinder must try Bollywood!

VIDEO: Powerful blast at #SYL hotel in #Mogadishu #Somalia

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DEVELOPING: #SYL hotel in #Mogadishu was stormed by #AlShabaab gunmen - reports #Somali

BREAKING: Explosion, gunfire near #SYL hotel in #Somali capital

@capt_amarinder dares Badal to swear before Akal Takhat that he had not ordered land acquisition for SYL

"I'm proud of Syl. She didn't always keep her cool. But I guess now we know how Shaq felt in the NBA."

Nice rebound and layup from Syl to knot this game up at 10 early in the first!

That's SWEET Syl for ya...

@capt_amarinder releases documentary evidence about Badal having acquired land for SYL.

A block on one end for @MooreMaya and an AND1 for Syl on the other. Beautiful. 53-23 is the lead for #LosLynx

Everyone will have to abide by SC decision on SYL: Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does SYL stand for?
SYL stands for "See You Later".
How to abbreviate "See You Later"?
"See You Later" can be abbreviated as SYL.
What is the meaning of SYL abbreviation?
The meaning of SYL abbreviation is "See You Later".
What is SYL abbreviation?
One of the definitions of SYL is "See You Later".
What does SYL mean?
SYL as abbreviation means "See You Later".
What is shorthand of See You Later?
The most common shorthand of "See You Later" is SYL.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word SYL in term.