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1FTR One For The Road    
AA Alcholics Anonymous    
AAAAA American Association Against Acronym Abuse    
AAAAA Anonym Association Against Acronym Abuse    
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact    
ABFT About Fucking Time    
ABT About    
ACE Ask Chief Everything    
ACME A Company that Makes Everything :-)    
ACRONYM Abbreviation by CROping Names that Yield Meaning    
ADGR Any Donations Gratefully Received    
ADN Any Day Now    
AEG Aus Erfahrung Gut    
AEG Auspacken, Einschalten, Geht nicht    
AEG Auspacken Einschalten Garantiefall    
AF Aunt Flow    
AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned    
AFAICR As Far As I Can Recall    
AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell    
AFAIK As Far As I Know    
AFAIR As Far As I Recall    
AFAIR As Far As I Remember    
AFAYC As Far As You're Concerned    
AFAYK As Far As You Know    
AFCPS Any Fool Can Plainly See    
AFK Away From Keyboard (Internet Chat Abbreviation)    
AGKWE And God Knows What Else    
Agl Angel    
AIS As I Said    
AIUI As I Understand It    
ALAP As Late As Possible    
ALOTBSOL Always Look on the Bright Side of Life    
AM Ante Meridian    
AMAP As Much As Possible    
AMD An Air Movement Device    
ANAIS Architecture Not Allowed in Source    
ANFSCD And Now for Something Completely Different    
AOB Any Other Business    
AOBTD Another One Bites the Dust    
AOL Army Of Lamers    
APAC All Praise and Credit    
APL A Perspicuous Language    
ARMY AF Rejected Me Yesterday    
ARMY Aren't Ready to be Marines Yet    
ASAFP As Soon As Fucking Possible    
ASAFP As Soon As Friggin Possible    
ASAFP As Soon As Freakin' Possible    
ASAP As Soon As Possible (pronounced AY-sap)    
ASAYGT As Soon As You Get This    
ATB All The Best