What does LKG mean?

LKG means Last Known Good

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What is the abbreviation for Last Known Good?

Last Known Good can be abbreviated as LKG
What does LKG mean? It stands for Last Known Good
LKG - Last Known Good in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LKG

LA!!! Black Coffee, Nyovest, Tlale, LKG, Major League!!! #BETAwards

Bengaluru school expels LKG boy for sporting ponytail

Add a bit of Flava & LKG! You get The Drive! 3 - 6 . You ready?

What do you get when you add some Flava & some LKG? #TheDriveOnMetroFM with @moflavadj & @leratokganyago Stay tuned!

#Gold winner D Jhajharia says his daughter had topped in LKg & asked him to keep his side of the promise to win Gold

#HEALCampaign session promoting Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyles for LKG and UKG students of Falaah Pre School

You're complaining that B,LKG,Pearl,Thando,Boity are taking jobs from "new faces"... How many SA productions are on air?

"No one from True Love (still) hasn't called me to apologise, and I think that they don't think they did anything wrong..."- LKG #NightTalk

"They then released my untouched images without my consent, and that was very malicious and vindictive..."- LKG #NightTalk

I wonder if True Love called LKG ahead of that #JudgeForYourself post. Cos the person they need to make right with 1st is her.

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Trump says "press should be ashamed of themselves" for lkg into details of vet fundraiser


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What does LKG stand for?
LKG stands for "Last Known Good".
How to abbreviate "Last Known Good"?
"Last Known Good" can be abbreviated as LKG.
What is the meaning of LKG abbreviation?
The meaning of LKG abbreviation is "Last Known Good".
What is LKG abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LKG is "Last Known Good".
What does LKG mean?
LKG as abbreviation means "Last Known Good".
What is shorthand of Last Known Good?
The most common shorthand of "Last Known Good" is LKG.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LKG in term.