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1080P 1080 lines, Progressive scan    
286 Intel 80286 Microprocessor    
2PDT Two-Pole Double-Throw    
2S2D Double-Sided Double-Density    
386 Intel 80386 Microprocessor    
3DA Three Dimension Array    
3DA Three Dimensional Architecture    
3DDDI 3-Dimensional Device Dependent Interface    
3DRAM Three-Dimensional Random Access Memory    
486 Intel 80486 Microprocessor    
4GT 4 GigaByte (RAM) Tuning    
586 Intel Pentium processor    
A form A (normally open) contacts    
A-D Analog to Digital    
A/D Analog-to-Digital converter    
AA AMD Athlon processor    
AA AMD Assured    
AAA Advanced Accelerator Applications    
Aaa Algorithm Architecture Adequation    
AAA Adequation Algorithm Architecture    
AAC Apple Audio Codec    
AAM Automatic Acoustic Management    
AAUI Apple Attachment Unit Interface    
ABC Automatic Brightness Control    
ABCB Air Blast Circuit Breaker    
ABCDE A Better Compact Disk Encoder    
ABIST Array Built-In Self Test    
ABR Automatic BIOS Recovery    
ABR Available Bit Rate    
ABS Airport Base Station    
ABS Automatic Backup System    
ABU Analog Backup    
ABU Auxiliary Back-Up Unit    
ABUS Address Bus    
AC Analog Computer    
AC Alternating Current    
AC Audio Computer    
ACAP Advanced Common Application Platform    
ACCIS Army Command & Control Information System    
ACD Automatic Call Distributor    
ACD Apple Cinema Display    
ACDS Active Clock Distribution System    
ACE Advanced Components and Equipment    
ACFC Analog Color Field Computer    
ACFZ Acrylic Case For Zune    
ACIP ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode) Cable Interface Processor    
ACIS Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer    
ACLT Accelerated Cable Life Test    
ACM Audio CODEC (COder-DECoder) Module    
ACM Association for Computing Machinery