What does CAM mean?

CAM means Camera

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What is the abbreviation for Camera?

Camera can be abbreviated as CAM
Other shorthands for Camera are: OOC, CAMR, (p), OC, [[329135987130835]], Cam., CTC
What does CAM mean? It stands for Camera
CAM - Camera in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having CAM

1. Cam is VERY big. 2. Cam is VERY strong. 3. Cam CANNOT be stopped. 4. The Dab is BACK. #KeepPounding #KCvsCAR

OH. MY. GOODNESS. @Stuntman1429 picks off Cam... And SOMEHOW finds paydirt. Unbelievable. #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsCAR

Panthers up 17-3 at the half and Cam has officially brought the dab back #KCvsCAR

Even after getting hit by Mark Barron on Sun, Cam Newton has not seen a roughing-the-passer penalty enforced vs. his opposing D since 2014.

What are those? Cam Newton wears fox-tail cleats during pregame #TNF

Coin Flip Cam! #BUFvsSEA

Showing off the WHEEEEELS. Cam gains 28! #KeepPounding #KCvsCAR

List of players you are allowed to illegally hit with no repercussion: Cam Newton. Kickers. #BUFvsSEA #Seahawks

Colombia-Chile en Colombia y 0-0 al descanso: 1965 COL 2-0 CHI (Elim) 1966 COL 0-0 CHI (CAm) 1989 COL 1-0 CHI (amis) 1993 COL 1-0 CHI (amis)

Want to escape the election? Stream San Francisco Zoo's red panda live cam via @nbcbayarea

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Winston went to the Cam Newton School of Get Thyself Destroyed At Goal line

During his radio show, Butch Jones says Alvin Kamara and Cam Sutton prepared and ready to go vs Kentucky

"She's one of a kind. I would say like Cam Newton sort of thing. She can run, she can throw... she can do anything."

IRTV: Tunnel Cam from Soldier Field - the build up, the tension, the joy. #TeamOfUS #shouldertoshoulder

.@sfzoo, @firefox set to display red panda cam on Election Day to relieve voter stress.

Al-Nusra Front militants fire at each other by mistake - watch helmet cam vid:

She leaves the stranger alone with her child. What the cam records is monstrous

Man on motorcycle films hit-and-run with his helmet-cam. Unbelievable video footage

She leaves the stranger alone with her child. What the cam records is monstrous


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What does CAM stand for?
CAM stands for "Camera".
How to abbreviate "Camera"?
"Camera" can be abbreviated as CAM.
What is the meaning of CAM abbreviation?
The meaning of CAM abbreviation is "Camera".
What is CAM abbreviation?
One of the definitions of CAM is "Camera".
What does CAM mean?
CAM as abbreviation means "Camera".
What is shorthand of Camera?
The most common shorthand of "Camera" is CAM.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word CAM in term.