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4WP Type 4 Water-Proof camera    
6MF Mamiya 6 Multi Format camera    
A Apature priority autoexposure    
AA Auto Aperture    
AB All Blacks    
ABRR Automatic Background Recognition and Removal    
ABSP America's Best Sports Photography    
ACE All Camera Equipment    
ACP Atlanta Celebrates Photography    
ADF Auto Darking Filter    
AE Automatic Exposure    
AEB Automatic Exposure Bracketing    
AEL Automatic Exposure Lock    
AES Automatic Electronic Shutter    
AF Automatic Focus    
AFD Arc Form Drive    
AFL Auto Film Loader    
AL Average Legs    
AL Ambient Light    
AMPC Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition    
AOV Angle of View    
APAG American Photography Archives Group    
APE Aviation Photographers Enthusiasts    
APF Art Photo Feature    
APG Atlanta Photography Group    
APIS Alternative Photography International Symposium    
APM Aviation Photography of Mexico    
APML Astro Photography Mailing List    
APML Archivesastro Photography Mailing List    
APPA Australian Professional Photography Awards    
APPM Associated Press Photo Managers    
APS Advanced Photographic System    
APS Automatic Point and Shoot    
apt Astro Photography Tool    
APTP Action-Pro TriPod    
ATPI Association of Texas Photography Instructors    
AU Aperture Unit    
AV Aperture Value    
B&W Babcock & Wilcox - Black And White - Bowers & Wilkins    
BC Before Cameras    
BCC Bishopthorpe Camera Club    
BCM Blue Cone Monochromacy    
BCPS Beam Candle Power Seconds    
BDPC Beginner Digital Photography Challenge    
BF Bad Flash    
BFD Both Film and Digital    
BK background knowledge    
BLC Back Light Compensation    
bmpg Blue Mountains Photography Group    
BRUH Bring Radiometer Up Here