What does POV mean?

POV means Point Of View

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What is the abbreviation for Point Of View?

Point Of View can be abbreviated as POV
What does POV mean? It stands for Point Of View
POV - Point Of View in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having POV

Stevens and "fiance" Lydie Denier were together briefly in 1995, years before his death. This is his family's POV:

The immediate rush to accommodation, including from Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is odd from a strategic POV, and a moral one.

Watch as @sampilgrim shows us how to navigate the narrow streets at #DownhillTaxco in this POV preview!

when we make racism just another point of view, people will die. period. it isn't just a pov or a perspective. its a germ. wipe it out.

The strongest cases I can make from a conservative POV for a Trump/McMullin/Clinton presidential vote

Missed the debate. Watching it now. Trump might be the 1st candidate 2 call out Obama 4 deporting millions. Sadly from a rightwing pov.

#NDTVban on hold but here's my PoV Ban on NDTVIndia & Sudarshan's Sanskari rape accused roaming free under Modi?

The ultimate Pipeline POV edit, via @anthony_walsh_'s @GoPro. Full clip here >>>

Do u agree w/ my POV in my @Inc article that @TMobile CEO @JohnLegere's tweets have become legendary? Link:

one of these is not just a run of the mill acceptable pov: raise taxes lower taxes blacks are an inferior race that is subhuman

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Many people requested more RyuJeHong POV in the World Cup for his Ana play. He is streaming now:

Or this.."let's just agree to disagree" or "I respect your POV, but". Respect is more complicated and harder than easy platitudes.

My POV: "engaged employees + purpose-driven org + collaborative culture + open thinking = entrepreneurial & fab place to work" #GPDF16

This. There ends any effort to understand their hate/POV.

Night shoot. Car chase. My POV. #myberlindiary @BerlinStation

Miss the live chat about character and POV? Watch it here:

Using multiple viewpoints or POV: when and how is it most effective? by @Jordanrosenfeld #amwriting #nanowrimo

It's almost time!! Join me and @akshaya813 for the Deep POV & Character chat in 15 minutes!

Watch this beautifully touching film on POV tonight.


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What does POV stand for?
POV stands for "Point Of View".
How to abbreviate "Point Of View"?
"Point Of View" can be abbreviated as POV.
What is the meaning of POV abbreviation?
The meaning of POV abbreviation is "Point Of View".
What is POV abbreviation?
One of the definitions of POV is "Point Of View".
What does POV mean?
POV as abbreviation means "Point Of View".
What is shorthand of Point Of View?
The most common shorthand of "Point Of View" is POV.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word POV in term.