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/. Slashdot    
100b-fx 100 Base-Fx    
100B-FX 100BASE-FX    
100B-T 100BASE-T    
100b-t 100 Base-tT    
100B-TX 100BASE-TX    
100b-tx 100 Base-Tx    
100bvg 100 Basevg    
100BVG 100BASE-VG    
10B-F 10BASE-F    
10b-f 10 Base-FF    
10B-FB 10BASE-FB    
10b-fb 10 Base-Fb    
10B-FL 10BASE-FL    
10b-fl 10 Base-Fl    
10B-FP 10BASE-FP    
10b-fp 10 Base-Fp    
10b-t 10 Base-tT    
10B-T 10BASE-T    
10B2 10BASE-2    
10b2 10 Base2    
10b5 10 Base5    
10B5 10BASE-5    
1gl First-Generation Programming Language    
1NF First Normal Form    
286 Intel 80286 processor    
2B1Q 2 Binary 1 Quaternary    
2gl Second-Generation Programming Language    
2NF Second Normal Form    
386 Intel 80386 processor    
3gl Third-Generation Programming Language    
3GPP mobile broadband "3G" Partnership Project    
3NF Third Normal Form    
486 Intel 80486 processor    
4B5BLF 4 Byte 5 Byte Local Fiber    
4GL Fourth-generation Programming Language    
4NF Fourth Normal Form    
5gl Fifth-Generation Programming Language    
5NF Fifth Normal Form    
6NF Sixth Normal Form    
8b10blf 8 Byte 10 Byte Local Fiber    
AA Anti-Aliasing    
AAA Authentication Authorization, Accounting    
AABB Axis-Aligned Bounding Box    
AAC Advanced Audio Coding    
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer    
AALC ATM Adaptation Layer Connection    
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact    
AARP Appletalk Address Resolution Protocol    
AAT Average Access Time