What does BCC mean?

BCC means Blind Carbon Copy

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What is the abbreviation for Blind Carbon Copy?

3 ways to abbreviate Blind Carbon Copy
Blind Carbon Copy can be abbreviated as BCC
Other shorthands for Blind Carbon Copy are: BCCs, bcc
What does BCC mean? It stands for Blind Carbon Copy
BCC - Blind Carbon Copy in Business & Finance by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BCC

@jeffjarvis Drop non-responsive To:/CC:/BCC:, hash both sets, then subtract those that match. Old laptops could do it in minutes-to-hours.

a good comic from BCC made by @NoobtheLoser and @shenanigansen

Dear god. @MartinShkreli sent a press release to 450+ journalists... and didn't bcc. The man is pure evil.

I apologize to everyone involved... but I had to do it. This email is a trainwreck & people need to learn to bcc

Breaking: The entire Aussie parliament is on an email chain right now due to a Bcc f*ck-up

Pakistani visitors hurl stones at Indian viewers side during beating retreat ceremony. cc: Bollywood bcc: libbies

Nothing makes me feel more like a grown-up than discreetly bcc-ing someone. If you don't bcc, let me recommend it. It's exhilarating

You had to be there to understand Cc: @DenimTears @TOASTOTHEGOD Bcc: @virgilabloh

#Firenze a misura di giovani. Dal Wired Next Fest al forum dei giovani delle #BCC italiane. Prepariamo il futuro!

Who's the bigger sinner: person who doesn't BCC a list of email recipients, or the people who then "reply all"?

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It's official yall! I'm WAVY LADY of the week and my new video is out!! #BCC

Coverage of BCC survey from BBC News - Workers 'cutting hours' because of childcare costs

The BCC is recruiting for a press officer:

Go to and save 25% when you enter the code "Independence". All tees except the new BCC. Quick Sale ends July 5th

V important results in today's BCC survey - shows majority of businesses who only trade in UK will #VoteLeave

oh god, just got an email with 317 people in the To field instead of the BCC field TIME FOR TWO DAYS OF PEOPLE REPLYING ALL TO COMPLAIN

Inaugurated Ashok Nagar Block Congress Committee Office- We're opening all 280 BCC & 14 DCC offices all over Delhi!

BBC reports DG of BCC goes AWOL after AGM speech for GB to leave EU, in clearest #Brexit media statement yet.

Trump: Cruz "never beats me." Cc: IA, TX, OK, AK, KS, ME. Bcc: MN, PR


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does BCC stand for?
BCC stands for "Blind Carbon Copy".
How to abbreviate "Blind Carbon Copy"?
"Blind Carbon Copy" can be abbreviated as BCC.
What is the meaning of BCC abbreviation?
The meaning of BCC abbreviation is "Blind Carbon Copy".
What is BCC abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BCC is "Blind Carbon Copy".
What does BCC mean?
BCC as abbreviation means "Blind Carbon Copy".
What is shorthand of Blind Carbon Copy?
The most common shorthand of "Blind Carbon Copy" is BCC.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word BCC in term.