What does MUD mean?

MUD means Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)

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What is the abbreviation for Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)?

Multi-User Dungeon (gaming) can be abbreviated as MUD
What does MUD mean? It stands for Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)
MUD - Multi-User Dungeon (gaming) in Computing & IT by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MUD

ATENTOS#2: tratando de agarrar a MUD sin tiempo de primarias pensando en crearle conflictos en cada entidad.Por ello reciclaje funcionarios

Seen @muse play @GlastoFest in 2004, 2010 therefore passing on mud tonight for sure, night after night before too.

Niall Horan was spotted trekking through the mud at #Glastonbury today:

6) At Dem National Convention, @HillaryClinton and DNC treated @BernieSanders delegates like mud on the bottom of their shoes...

Ninguno de los parlamentarios de la MUD tiene en su haber un historial de lucha por las causas populares. #AsambleaEnDesacato

INACEPTABLES las declaraciones recientes del secretario de la MUD @ChuoTorrealba. Sorprende su irresponsabilidad frente a los acuerdos.

Caricatura EDO: Preparen, apunten... #MUD

gmc yukon w mud tires so i dont feel as much .. 6 min away

Para retomar popularidad, MUD convoca marcha en contra la MUD >

'Mud Dragon' dinosaur unearthed in China

More Comments with MUD...

South Louisiana flood victims begin clearing mud and debris from water-damaged homes.

"Donald Trump is keeping the car factory in America!" -congratulations, you fell into the very first mud pit

#EnVIVO El humorista @laureanomar se suma al acto de protesta de la MUD por #12J

In politics, people can toss a lot of mud, & a lot of it just isn't true.

Para retomar popularidad, MUD convoca marcha en contra la MUD -

Man likely 'dissolved' in 'superheated, acidic mud pot' after falling into Yellowstone hot spring, report says

La MUD se despliega por el 20% de las firmas #RevocatorioYCambio

When Trump and Ailes get together it must be like when pigs discover fresh mud.

Man lays stuck in the mud for 7 hours. What the helicopter finds next to him wow!


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What does MUD stand for?
MUD stands for "Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)".
How to abbreviate "Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)"?
"Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)" can be abbreviated as MUD.
What is the meaning of MUD abbreviation?
The meaning of MUD abbreviation is "Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)".
What is MUD abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MUD is "Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)".
What does MUD mean?
MUD as abbreviation means "Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)".
What is shorthand of Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)?
The most common shorthand of "Multi-User Dungeon (gaming)" is MUD.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word MUD in term.