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AAT Application Assembly Tool    
ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming    
ACF Application Configuration File    
ACL Appletalk Class Library    
ADAM Aleph Digital Asset Module    
ADB Apple Desktop Bus    
AFR Alternate Frame Rendering    
AIXM Aeronautical Information Exchange Model    
AJAX Asynchronous Javascript and XML    
ALICE Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity    
ALSSW ALS software    
AOCE Apple Open Collaboration Environment    
APA Abort Programmer Assembly    
APC Asynchronous Pool Cleaning    
API Application Programming Interface    
APL applications program library    
APL A Pattern Language    
APLM Applications Program Library Maintenance    
ARAP AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol    
ASA Adaptive Server Anywhere    
ASFP askSam File Pointer    
ASP Application Service Provider    
ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface    
ATAM Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method    
ATFG Automatic Test File Generator    
AVS Advanced Visual Systems    
AWT Abstract Windowing Toolkit    
BASE Bielefeld Academic Search Engine    
BASS Backup Avionics System Software    
BCM Business Contact Manager    
BDE Borland Database Engine    
BFS Backup Flight Software    
BFSS Backup Flight Software System    
BLAS Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms    
BLAST Basic Local Alignment Search Tool    
BMIDE Business Modeler Integrated Development Environment    
BOCC Big Oxford Computer Company    
BPS Basic Programming Support    
BSA Business Software Alliance    
CAA Component Application Architecture    
CAP Computer Application Program    
CASE computer-automated software engineering    
CCL Core Component Library    
CDE Collaborative Development Environment    
CEVA Content-Enabled Vertical Application    
CFT Cross File Transfer    
CGI Common Gateway Interface    
CHL Certified Hardware List    
CIGOS Canadian Interest Group on Open Systems    
CLDC Connected Limited Device Configuration