What does IOW mean?

IOW means In Other Words

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What is the abbreviation for In Other Words?

3 ways to abbreviate In Other Words
In Other Words can be abbreviated as IOW
Other shorthands for In Other Words are: INPO, OW
What does IOW mean? It stands for In Other Words
IOW - In Other Words in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having IOW

Taken by @ESA_Rosetta Navcam 2 years after arriving at comet #67P - @ESAscience IOW

1/3 Personal safety advice #IOW. Please RT. Reports of suspicious man on the #IOW approaching young girls.

When I was a PM, hardest lesson to learn was that my users were not me. IOW, the *vast majority* of our users had nothing in common with me.

Massive media empire including best-selling books, documentaries, and journalism. (IOW where I'm at times 10.)

2: Abedin's emails wld change anything. Extremely unlikely. iow, this is zero surprise. Pushes the travesty meter much much higher.

As a special IOW exclusive, a ltd number of #Bestival16 day tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Scientists solve riddle of an age-defying star with help from @ESAHerschel - @ESAscience IOW

Pleased to add my #Bexhill #Battle support to @NFUPolitical #BackBritishFarming campaign @NFUSussex_IoW

Damien Nettles has been missing 20yrs, please sign & #RT #DamienNettles #Unsolved #iow

Huge thanks to @SouthernWater for their generous pledge of 10k to support SSAFA St Vincent's Care Home in Ryde, IOW

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...in a state which hasn't gone GOP since Reagan, where he's down by 9. iow: may not be not the most productive trip

Best case: if you don't elect pro-dp pols, how will we execute people in the future. IOW, matter of principle.

From these last few visits to IOW it seems the ferry men & women who wave us on & off take real pride in their jobs. Good work.

Just bought some porridge on the IOW ferry. No honey but the very lovely lady offered me "marmalade or marmite?" Errr.... #thanksbutnothanks

Genuinely curious:What major subject would Garland vote to the right of Breyer? IOW, what do Rs lose if HRC appoints a more liberal Justice?

Wind weather warning for South East now #Amber, says @metoffice - affecting #Hampshire, #IoW & #Sussex #StormKatie

A cosmic trick of the eye - #Hubble @ESAscience IOW

.@astro_timpeake reflecting on 55 years of human spaceflight - HSO IOW #YurisNight

RT if you wish this was your current view #IoW #IslandHome


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does IOW stand for?
IOW stands for "In Other Words".
How to abbreviate "In Other Words"?
"In Other Words" can be abbreviated as IOW.
What is the meaning of IOW abbreviation?
The meaning of IOW abbreviation is "In Other Words".
What is IOW abbreviation?
One of the definitions of IOW is "In Other Words".
What does IOW mean?
IOW as abbreviation means "In Other Words".
What is shorthand of In Other Words?
The most common shorthand of "In Other Words" is IOW.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word IOW in term.

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