What does MGB mean?

MGB means May God Bless

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What is the abbreviation for May God Bless?

May God Bless can be abbreviated as MGB
What does MGB mean? It stands for May God Bless
MGB - May God Bless in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having MGB

Security shakeup ahead in Russia. FSB to be upgraded to ministry (MGB) effectively giving it powers of the old KGB

Kids, don't think you're all that. 'Yang American Horror Stories at Stranger Things niyo, taob lahat kay Noli de Castro at MGB. Don't us.

Gol de Hazard MGB 1-0 FCB , min 34 #030TiempodeJuego

The Donetsk People's Republic has had an MGB for ages. Maybe Russia's trying to join them & not the other way around

Instead of MGB, why not just go back to old name -- KGB?

Why name a new SVR boss it it's being (allegedly) rolled into the new MGB (ie KGB 2.0)?

That's what the recreated KGB (AKA MGB) is for. Plus the imposition of emergency/martial laws.

.@LilyofVallie Gorgeous. I had the sweetest BRG 1965 #MGB with wire wheels. I love MG's

Anti-mining group pressures MGB-8 to act against mining in Manicani, Samar. Via Jenette Ruedas | @stanleypalisada

Ex-MGB chief Leo Jasareno (who now leads mining audit) faces groups calling for his removal from DENR

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Busy day: tried to buy a GTO, sold a MGB, put Spridget project car back on its wheels, found spares for our 240Z for sale on @bringatrailer

Incredible MGB save at #73MM, how did he not crash? #74MM

KGB, NKVD, MGB, FSB--I don't care what they call it, they're all Chekists, & they're all illegitimate & unconscionable. Same nasty alphabet.


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What does MGB stand for?
MGB stands for "May God Bless".
How to abbreviate "May God Bless"?
"May God Bless" can be abbreviated as MGB.
What is the meaning of MGB abbreviation?
The meaning of MGB abbreviation is "May God Bless".
What is MGB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of MGB is "May God Bless".
What does MGB mean?
MGB as abbreviation means "May God Bless".
What is shorthand of May God Bless?
The most common shorthand of "May God Bless" is MGB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word MGB in term.