What does LIFO mean?

LIFO means Last In, First Out

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What is the abbreviation for Last In, First Out?

Last In, First Out can be abbreviated as LIFO
What does LIFO mean? It stands for Last In, First Out
LIFO - Last In, First Out in Governmental & Military by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having LIFO

I think Trump should deport on a tiered basis. LIFO: Last In First Out.

Trump needs to go LIFO (Last In First Out) on deportations.

Source says Shrimp LIFO report largely accepted. LIFO gone. Quota cuts spread around. #nlpoli

Minister LeBlanc accepts key recommendation of #LIFO Panel

#LIFO Panel is holding a public consultation meeting in Halifax, June 10

BREAKING: LIFO gone. Federal fisheries minister does away with controversial #shrimp management policy. #lastinfirstout

Fisheries Min scraps LIFO policy for shrimp "Proportional Sharing is consistent with the approach used in most other Canadian fisheries"

Hearing that a decision on LIFO shrimp quota policy is coming from the federal minister this afternoon #nlpoli

It's official: the controversial LIFO policy has been cut. DFO has accepted the LIFO panel's recommendations.

BREAKING: DFO accepts recommendations to scrap LIFO

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NEW | Ottawa to temporarily suspend controversial LIFO policy, sources say

Minister of Fisheries Steve Crocker one of the presenters at the federal LIFO shrimp review hearings #nlpoli

#LIFO Panel is holding a public consultation meeting in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, May 31


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What does LIFO stand for?
LIFO stands for "Last In, First Out".
How to abbreviate "Last In, First Out"?
"Last In, First Out" can be abbreviated as LIFO.
What is the meaning of LIFO abbreviation?
The meaning of LIFO abbreviation is "Last In, First Out".
What is LIFO abbreviation?
One of the definitions of LIFO is "Last In, First Out".
What does LIFO mean?
LIFO as abbreviation means "Last In, First Out".
What is shorthand of Last In, First Out?
The most common shorthand of "Last In, First Out" is LIFO.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word LIFO in term.