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1QTRA First Quarter Analysis    
21 MFI Payment due on the 21st of the Month Following Invoice date    
90DSAC Ninety Days, Same As Cash    
a Accepted    
A&AR Accounting and Auditing Releases    
a/c Account Current    
A/E Accrued Expenses    
A/P Accounts Payable    
A/R Accounts Receivable    
AA Active Page    
AAA Association of Accounting Administrators    
AAA authentication, authorization, and accounting    
AAA Accumulated Adjustments Account    
aaa American Accounting Association's    
AAA-CPA American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants    
AAAA Asian Academic Accounting Association    
AAAJ Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal    
AAAP Associate of the Association of Accountancy Practitioners    
AABA Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs    
AAC Audit and Assurance Council    
AACA Association of Chartered Certified Accountants    
AACB Associate of the Association of Certified Book-Keepers    
AACE Audit Analysis Computer Environment    
AACSB American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business    
AACTS Arthur Andersen Corporate Technology Solutions    
AADA Adjusted Attributable Deposit Amount    
AADS Account Authority Digital Signature    
AAFA American Association of Finance Accounting    
AAFI Associated Accounting Firms International    
AAFM American Academy of Financial Management    
AAG Audit and accounting guides    
AAGR Annual average growth rate    
AAHCPA American Association of Hispanic Certified Public Accountants    
AAI Automatic Accounting Instructions    
AAIA Associate International Accountant    
AAIA Association of Airport Internal Auditors    
AAIA Association of Airport Internal Auditors, Inc.    
AAIA Associate of the Association of International Accountants    
AALC Accountants and Actuaries Liaison Committee    
AALPFA Associate of the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting    
AAMPS Amtrak Accounting Materials and Purchasing System    
AAMS Automated Accounts Management Services    
AAMS Accredited Asset Management Specialist (US)    
AAN Accounting Audit Notation    
AAOC Americas Account Opening Center    
AAOIFI Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions    
AAP Association of Accountancy Practitioners    
AAPA Association of Authorised Public Accountants    
AAPCC Adjusted Average per Capita Cost    
AAPR Annualized Average Percentage Rate