What does BLUF mean?

BLUF means Bottom Line Up Front

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What is the abbreviation for Bottom Line Up Front?

Bottom Line Up Front can be abbreviated as BLUF
What does BLUF mean? It stands for Bottom Line Up Front
BLUF - Bottom Line Up Front in Business & Finance by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having BLUF

Pyongyang accuses US of plotting preemptive nuclear strikes, calls bluf

Debate BLUF: Trump defended Putin, attacked our Allies, let Hillary slide on #EmailGate, admitted he pays 0 taxes & trashed Rosie O'Donnell.

.@patxilopez ha sido un bluf como presidente del Congreso. @BrujulaOndaCero

Of course I will have comments on the latest #FBI #EmailGate revelations....out today, insh'allah. BLUF: The fix was ALWAYS in for HRC.

Directo #investiduraRajoy | La palabra 'bluf' entra a debate

ik ben denk ik weer veelste ver gegaan in deze would you rather video, maarja, alsnog uploaden bluf

Mijn column in De Standaard. Brusselse onkunde. Europese onwil. Haagse bluf. En hard hopen dat ik ongelijk heb b

Deel 1 staat online! Bij 1000 retweets komt deel 2 volgende week dinsdag online! #BLUF

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What does BLUF stand for?
BLUF stands for "Bottom Line Up Front".
How to abbreviate "Bottom Line Up Front"?
"Bottom Line Up Front" can be abbreviated as BLUF.
What is the meaning of BLUF abbreviation?
The meaning of BLUF abbreviation is "Bottom Line Up Front".
What is BLUF abbreviation?
One of the definitions of BLUF is "Bottom Line Up Front".
What does BLUF mean?
BLUF as abbreviation means "Bottom Line Up Front".
What is shorthand of Bottom Line Up Front?
The most common shorthand of "Bottom Line Up Front" is BLUF.