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A/D Analog/Digital    
AA Australian Army    
AAA Anti Aircraft Artillery    
AAC Alaskan Air Command    
AACB Aeronautics & Astronautics Coordinating Board    
AAE Army Acquisition Executive    
AAH Advanced Attack Helicopter    
AAR After Action Review    
AB Air Base    
ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center    
ABCS (U.S.) Army Battle Command System    
ABE ARM-Based Electronics    
ABMA Army Ballistic Missile Agency    
ABR Available Bit Rate    
AC Alternating Current    
AC Active Component    
AC annual closing    
ACA Airspace Control Authority    
ACAAM Air Courses of Action Assessment Model    
ACAT Acquisition Category    
ACC Air Combat Command (formerly TAC)    
ACCP Army Correspondence Course Program    
acda Arms Control and Disarmament Agency's    
ACDS Advanced Combat Direction System    
ACE Access Control Encryption    
ACL Access Control List    
ACM Advanced Cruise Missile    
ACR Armored Cavalry Regiment    
ACS Army Community Service    
ACS Aerial Common Sensor    
ACTD An Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration    
ACU Antenna Control Unit    
ACU Army Combat Uniform    
ACW Aircraft Control & Warning    
AD airworthiness directives (FAA)    
AD Air Defense    
ADA Air Defense Artillery    
ADC Air Data Computer    
ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures    
ADDISS Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery Support System    
ADDS Army Data Distribution System    
ADF Australian Defence Force    
ADGE Air Defence Ground Environment    
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone    
ADL Ada Design Language    
ADM Acquisition Decision Memorandum    
ADM Advanced Development Model    
ADP Automated Data Processing    
ADPE Automatic Data Processing Equipment    
ADT Active Duty for Training