What does DOB mean?

DOB means Date Of Birth

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What is the abbreviation for Date Of Birth?

2 ways to abbreviate Date Of Birth
Date Of Birth can be abbreviated as DOB
Other shorthands for Date Of Birth are: Db
What does DOB mean? It stands for Date Of Birth
DOB - Date Of Birth in Common / Miscellaneous / Community by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having DOB

WANTED PERSON: NOSEWORTHY, Gary Bertrum (DOB: 1984-OCT-02) #WantedWednesday @NLCrimeStoppers #nlcrime PLS RT

Brouhaha over DOB,FIR's against Jurno's,enigmatic troop movements,gerrymandering with succession line,blackmail FIR's Life&times@Gen_vksingh

Wanted: NOFTALL, Christopher Francis (DOB: 1980-05-08) #WantedWednesday @NLCrimeStoppers #nlcrime PLS RT!

Cyber thieves may have stolen names, email addresses, telephone numbers, DOB & encrypted passwords, the company said

Hiring Ron Washington as 3B coach was strong move for #Braves and their young infielders. Daily DOB. Dr. John

Details exposed: Name, email, gender, DOB, phone number and date of last blood donation

A clerk just checked with defence counsel if it was OK to give out defendant's DOB and address. What would he have done if she said no?

.@APCUKingdom thanks can @AbdulAbmJ then confirm he's NOT linked to the address. Company search will bring out someone with his name/DOB

New York's hottest club is a Duane Reade where they know your name and DOB.

If the year of her DOB starts with a 2 instead of a 1 #shestooyoungforyoubro

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YRP advising, Still missing male Chandrasheker Rajaraman, DOB 26Feb69 missing 9th Line & Church area 5'8" 214 lbs,

#LAPD News: #UCLA Update- LAPD Robbery Homicide Division has ID'd the susp as Mainak Sarkar & DOB 6/16/77. Vict ID'd as William Klug.

#Braves 4-2 in close games under Snitker, after going 4-12 in those games under Fredi G. DOB blog. World Party.

Jeremy Liebe (DOB 2/9/02) and Jameson Hall (DOB 10/20/08)

Ripped off at work? Here's how to dob in your boss #FairWorkAustralia #auspol #ausbiz

Missing person. Jessica SEARE, dob 16.01.02, last seen Sutton. If seen please call 101 quoting Cad 6680/25MAY16

Have you seen Sharon Kaur, dob 02/07/1971? She has been reported missing, believed to be around Valentines Park.

A colleague in Sydney just purchased this kids cutlery set at Woolies and had to present her ID for a DOB check

Offender in todays HBT incident is Kevin Robinson DOB Jan 21,1985. He is also suspect in last nights triple murder


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What does DOB stand for?
DOB stands for "Date Of Birth".
How to abbreviate "Date Of Birth"?
"Date Of Birth" can be abbreviated as DOB.
What is the meaning of DOB abbreviation?
The meaning of DOB abbreviation is "Date Of Birth".
What is DOB abbreviation?
One of the definitions of DOB is "Date Of Birth".
What does DOB mean?
DOB as abbreviation means "Date Of Birth".
What is shorthand of Date Of Birth?
The most common shorthand of "Date Of Birth" is DOB.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word DOB in term.