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AAA Army Security Agency    
AAG Assistant Attorney General    
ABH Actual Bodily Harm    
ACIP Aerosol Climate Interactions Program    
ACSI America's Counter-Smuggling Initiative    
AD Assistant Director    
ADEX Administrative Index    
ADIC Assistant Director in Charge    
ADM ADMinistrative department    
ADM Administrative Template    
adm Administrative Data Management    
ADM Administrative Message Manager    
ADM Administrative Messages    
ADM Administrative Management Domain    
ADM Administrative Lead Time    
ADM Administrative Message    
ADM Administrative Services Section    
ADM administrative medicine    
AEAA Atomic Energy Act Applicant    
AEAE Atomic Energy Act Employee    
AEC Atomic Energy Commission (superseded by ERDA)    
AFRTS Armed Forces Radio & Television Service    
AFSA Armed Forces Security Agency    
AG Attorney General    
AI Agitator Index    
AIR America's Investigative Reports    
AIRS Access To Information And Reading Services    
AK-47 Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 (Soviet-Made 7.62mm Assault Rifle)    
AL Albany Field Office    
AMSD Air Mail Special Delivery    
AMU Arab Maghreb Union    
AN Anchorage Field Office    
AO Auxiliary Office    
AP Anti-Patriotism    
APB All Points Bulletin    
ARL Antiriot Laws    
ARMS Automated Records Management System    
ASAC Assistant Special Agent in Charge    
ASAIC Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge    
ASIO Australian Security Intelligence Organization    
ASL Age/Sex/Location    
AT Atlanta Field Office    
AT Anti-Terrorist    
ATIO Adjusted Time In Office    
ATM Avoiding the Mob    
ATTF Anti-Trafficking Task Force    
AUF Agent Under Fire    
AUSA Assistant United States Attorney    
AX Alexandria Field Office    
BA Baltimore Field Office