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APR Annual Percentage Rate    
CCL Center for Creative Leadership    
CMA Certified Management Accountant    
CSO Chief Security Officer    
ESA Employment Standards Administration    
FRA Federal Reserve Act    
GLB Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act    
LHWCA Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act    
MOC Market On Close    
NDNH National Directory of New Hires    
OJT On-The-Job-Training    
SCM Supply Chain Management    
SSD Social Security Disability    
TPA Third Party Administrator    
USC United States Code    
WTW Welfare-to-Work    
(X) Export    
0DSAC 90 days, same as cash    
3COM Computer, Communications and Compatibility    
3M Minnesota Mining And Manufacturing Company    
3PL Third Party Logistics    
4P Price, Product, Place and Promotion    
5S Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke    
7S Strategy, Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, Skills, Shared values    
A&A Advisory & Assistance    
A&A Assessment and Accreditation    
A&H Accident and health insurance    
A&I Accident and Indemnity    
A&MM Acquisition and Materiél Management    
A&MMS Acquisition and Materiél Management Service    
A&S Accident and sickness insurance    
A&W Allen & Wright (Roy Allen and Frank Wright combined their initials to name A&W Root Beer in 1922)    
A.O.B. Any other business    
A/E Architect/Engineer    
A/E Accured expense    
A/O Administrative Offices    
A/OPC Agency/Organization Program Coordinator    
A/P Accounts Payable    
A/R Accounts Receivable    
A/S Account sales    
AA Author Alteration    
AA Adverse Action    
AA Affirmative Action    
AA Average Audience    
AAA Authentication, Authorization & Access    
AAA American Automobile Association    
AAA authentication, authorization, and accounting    
AAA-CPA American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants    
AAAA American Association of Advertising Agencies    
AACU American Association of Colleges and Universities