What does PSA mean?

PSA means Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)

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What is the abbreviation for Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)?

Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term) can be abbreviated as PSA
What does PSA mean? It stands for Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)
PSA - Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term) in Locations, Regional & international by AcronymsAndSlang.com

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Comments having PSA

Random PSA: Sometimes you'll say dumb things, & sometimes you'll be called out. Don't let embarrassment disable kindness. Keep learning.

I have bad news for you, 1940s comic book PSA family...

Since I'm being a PSA for voting today. I will conclude with, in case you were unaware, you cannot vote by text.

Dear America Stop using symbols and ornaments to stand against Racism. Use your voice, it's much more effective #PSA

Kodak Black announces he's pro-Hillary in PSA call from jail

Black Hollywood has released a PSA urging voters to come out at the polls Nov. 8:

A serious edition of "Morning, Joe" with a PSA that I hope helps.

#FantasticBeasts' Eddie Redmayne stars in an emotional pro-Hufflepuff PSA:

November 7, 2000 marks the last day someone did not die on TX roads. Plz watch & RT our PSA to help #EndTheStreakTX:

The PSA that everybody needs to read for #AntiBullyingWeek

More Comments with PSA...

#PSA This Axis Bank ATM in Bandra is ON.They just filled it up an hour back, and only about 10 people in line here.

Friendly PSA: Hocutt's job is to speak on behalf of committee, he's not speaking for himself. Secondly, Morgantown will be lit Saturday

SUN & MOON DEMO PSA: Be sure to head to the pier today to help the police officer in the 19th day special event!

Watch these friendly lawyers sing a helpful PSA about the perils of making pot brownies, thanks to Texas law

We published a really helpful PSA for progressives who don't "feel safe" after the election: go buy some guns.

I guess this is really just a PSA. Please figure out what makes you happy, family. It helps everyone. Including yourself. WOW. Look at that.

And now a special PSA from Eddie Redmayne. For Hufflepuffs everywhere. @jk_rowling @TheRock

.@AliciaKeys urges fans to #vote for @HillaryClinton in a powerful PSA:

Have you had a PSA test? We'd like to hear about your experience via a short survey #alightoncancer @BBCTheOneShow


Most popular questions people look for before coming to this page

What does PSA stand for?
PSA stands for "Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)".
How to abbreviate "Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)"?
"Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)" can be abbreviated as PSA.
What is the meaning of PSA abbreviation?
The meaning of PSA abbreviation is "Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)".
What is PSA abbreviation?
One of the definitions of PSA is "Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)".
What does PSA mean?
PSA as abbreviation means "Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)".
What is shorthand of Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)?
The most common shorthand of "Public Service Announcement (radio/TV Term)" is PSA.
You can also look at abbreviations and acronyms with word PSA in term.